The principles of distance healing.

The principles of distance healing.

At first glance, for a lay person, remote healing seems like a fallacy or a miracle, but it is not; it is a scientific question with mathematical laws, which when understood becomes a normal method.

We can say that we live in a universe of electromagnetic fields, multidimensional by vibratory frequency ranges, all interconnected and one within the other, as bubbles of light, inside bubbles, inside bubbles. To these bubbles, science calls it a hologram, where the whole contains the part and the part contains the whole, as can be seen in the holographic photograph, that if you remove a part, a piece, in that one continues the image of the whole. This does not occur in normal photography. 

Starting with the microcosm of our physical cells, each of more than 100 trillion, is a magnetic bubble, bounded by its membrane that forms our physical body, delimited by another bubble, the auric field, with its etheric, emotional and mental fields (the soul), in the form of a toroid. At the present time, there are seven billion bubbles, human beings, incarnated, forming a great bubble on Earth, called humanity, which focuses on a consciousness, known to mystical science as the "manu of race".

According to Rupert Sheldrake's new biological theory, which hypothests the existence of morphogenetic fields, that is, there is a genetic connection by form, which establishes a harmonic resonance between beings in the same way, not only human, but also in other realms. The theory of anthropologist Gregory Bateson, who sees the mind, the mental field, as individual, group and collective, and included in the great mind of the planetary ecosystem. In a way, this is just a new outfit, like beautiful scientific names for ancient wisdom, from the "akáshicos" (ethericos) records of Hinduism, from the "ethers" of alchemists, from the "universal mind" (the world is mental) or "from what is below is like what is above, and vice versa", of the great master, Hermes Trismegistus.

In short, we are all within a magnetic, holographic, quantum field, where the human mind, focused with attention and intent (will), can "interfere", act, act as established and proven by quantum physics, instantly and remotely (non-local in scientific language). The process of distance healing is anchored in this scientific reality, of the functioning of the divine nature, since time immemorial.

In the therapy of "light frequencies", therapists transmit special healing energies, harmonizing, because all physical or psychic diseases are imbalances in a system that should be in harmony. The frequencies "viewed" and transmitted to the person are:

  • Green: Healing energy

  • Blue (power): Energy for the etheric body

  • Rosy (love): Energy for the emotional body

  • Golden yellow (wisdom): energy for the emotional body

  • Violet: Purification energy transmission of negative energies in light.

It is also used a quartz crystal in front of the therapist's chest, which functions as an "energetic amplifier", which is a natural function of quartz crystal, to amplify "human thought".

In "frequencies of light", beings of light, which are consciousnesses of higher dimensions, especially pleiadianos, who work in partnership with the therapist during the transmission of healing, act in a very complex way for our current human understanding, harmonizing the "energetic matrix structure" of the human being.

One of the most challenging questions for our logical, rational mind, how the other person is "found" on the planet, and yet, to make it more complex, is that he may be asleep when his auric field is "floating" in the astral plane, in the Earth's atmosphere. In a simple way, the answer is that each human being, holographic, has a cosmic fingerprint, or a "vibrational signature", that when we "think" about it, in a focused way, we enter into harmonic resonance with its auric field, thus establishing an energetic, telepathic communication, where it is possible to exchange information. For this reason, we know in practice that sometimes the phone rings and we know who is calling. Another good example is the connection that exists between people who love each other, deserving highlight the connection of a mother with her children, who perceives, from a distance, the emotional state of her children.

In this new age of light, we will see more and more, the emergence of new forms of healing by colors (light), music, magnetic frequencies, help of beings of light, but mainly by the self-empowerment of people, on a large scale of humanity, through self-knowledge and the expansion of consciousness, at a cosmic level, which allows every human being to "feel" his sacredness, where the metaphor of Jesus : "you are gods", will become an everyday reality of integral and non-fragmented human beings, like the humanity that is now seeping out.

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