Photo credits: Clara Gouvêia / UOL

“Whoever searches always finds it.”

“When the disciple is ready, the master appears.”

The technique of using Frequencies of Light is a consequence of the quest for spiritual growth that began in 1985, when I was 35 years old. At that time, I was a materialist and did not even believe that the human being possessed a spirit, but that when it died everything ended.

On the other hand, from the strictly scientific point of view, of electronic engineer, I found this a counter sense, because in nature nothing is lost, everything is transformed and, also, it did not make sense to lose all the knowledge so hard conquered.

I had no religion, but I believed in a Good, Wise and Righteous God, who hovered at a point in the infinite far from us, judging our actions, even in this life.

It was in that year, in a magazine at the time, that I saw a photo with hundreds of little children about to die of hunger and disease in Biafra, a poor country in Africa, and that due to the advanced state of malnutrition were suffering from irreversible brain damage and, even if they were fed from then on, they would never be able to develop, mentally or cognitively, like children fed properly from birth.

That struck me as a paradox. Why were all those innocent little children in that condemning situation? At that moment, I had a great existential doubt: was my philosophical model wrong, or worse, was God racist, evil and unjust or did not even exist? I then asked myself the question that definitely changed my path: “What is the Truth of Life?”. I never imagined the power that has a pure and true intention because, from that moment, my life followed another path, as illustrated by the mystical events that have occurred to me since:

  1. In 1986, reading a book about Pythagoras’ biography, I intuitively “discovered” that the human being is a spirit. When I started to study the various religions, in a comparative way, I concluded that the human being is mental, “he is what he thinks”, however paradoxical he may be.
  2. In February 1987, I had the first mystical experience with “leaving the body naturally and in a state of vigil”. There I felt an indescribable feeling of love, kindness, wisdom and power. I thought that feeling was “dying” and wished I didn’t come back. So, I remembered that I had to raise my children, still small, so I came back. From there I felt touched by the energy of Christ. It is a sensation that words cannot describe … It is like trying to explain colors to a man born blind. I started then, in a Spiritist Center, my journey as a Therapist, to learn to understand the chakras and to harmonize them with my hands. After that came Chromotherapy and Memory Regression to Past Lives. I started to study Psychology, having interrupted the course due to the change of location and activity. In the sequence I studied Reiki, Shiatsu, Phytotherapy, and several Flower Therapies.
  3. In 1993, I left an executive life in a large computer multinational to that of an average entrepreneur and entered a materialistic, business phase, until the beginning of 2006, when in an intense moment, the following thought came: “ What am I doing with my life? I have already raised my children and have not yet found the answer to my fundamental question: What is the truth of Life? ”. Then, I suddenly decided to close my business and dedicate myself to this search for the truth, to understand life and to know the laws of nature, which are the manifestation of God.
  4. From 2006 my life became a toboggan, with ups and downs, and many experiences that were unknown to me, at least consciously. I discovered that I was an “old indigo” with the mission of helping the earth in the planetary transition to the entrance to the Pleiades photon belt; I remembered a lecture with a master on a spaceship (which I later discovered to be Pleiadian); I remembered the last incarnation as a Cherokee Shaman (red skin native to North America, people originally from the Pleiades); I “received” a powerful energy to heal young children with cancer, due to the very high vibration (gamma rays) that the earth would be receiving.
  5. I deepened my knowledge in various holistic Pleiadian techniques. There are already a dozen of them available on the planet, all channeled intuitively by several people from all continents in order to bring the maximum knowledge, within the limitations of each one, to the largest possible number of people. The good old Acupuncture is of Pleiadian origin, when they were here 13,000 years ago, in the last passage of the earth through the photon belt.

It was from this experience and daily contact with the Pleiadians, who are the real authors, that this healing technique, called Frequencies of Light (a name chosen by them), came about, complemented by my scientific knowledge and researcher on human bio-energy where we try to explain technically, all the steps, through a holistic perspective, according to a quantum and holographic protocol.

My mission is to disseminate as objectively, economically, and clearly as possible, to as many people as I can, freely sharing whatever knowledge I am allowed to know. This is my commitment to the Pleiadians, who are at the service of the Spiritual Hierarchy, called the Great White Brotherhood, in the 5th Ray, the Green Ray, of Truth and Healing.