What is it?

Frequencies of Light is a holistic technique based on the concept of a co-creative science, using various physical and metaphysical resources available in nature, with full coverage, treating and curing the human being in its entirety, that is, in the physical aspects, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual, since, in essence, this being is formed by a magnetic energy field, inserted in a quantum and holographic universe.

Frequencies of Light is an advanced system of Holistic Therapy of fifth dimension, channeled by Pleiadian consciousnesses, using various healing energies currently available on our planet. As examples we have the Violet Flame, made available by the powerful energies of the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, with the objective of helping humanity in its energetic transition to the Light.

How the technique came about

1. Energy diagnosis

An energy diagnosis is carried out using the dowsing technique, through the use of the pendulum, identifying the vibrational situation of various points or energy centers (chakras) throughout the body, making a complete energy analysis of the client, which demonstrates his / her situation. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual point of view.

2. Energy harmonization

It is a holistic treatment and healing stage, through the laying on of hands, the use of crystals and the use of various resources available in nature, to balance and increase the level of vital energy, activating and unblocking various channels and energy centers (chakras), in all its frequencies, throughout the body.

3. Verbal advice

Often nutritional guidance and / or verbal counseling is necessary, as our health is strongly affected by our diet, way of life and our thoughts, words and actions.


1- Through the vibrational balance of energy centers or vortexes (34 chakras or energy portals are worked on throughout the body).

2- Harmonization and re-alignment of energy bodies: etheric, emotional and mental (Pituitary gland and left cerebral hemisphere).

3- Reconnection with the Higher Self, by activating the Pineal gland (coronary chakra) and harmonizing the intuitive brain (right cerebral hemisphere).

This connection with the “spiritual body” is normally obstructed in most Western people, because of the consumption of red meat (from mammalian animals), products containing caffeine, alcohol, drugs and chemical medicines, which block the energy flow between the gland pineal and the right cerebral hemisphere.

4- Activation of the immune system through the thymus gland (heart chakra), which, when harmonized, activates the entire physiological self-healing process, at the cellular level, affecting all organs and tissues.

5- Awakening the person through new holistic knowledge to enter a new lifestyle, which leads to a state of balance, well-being and expansion of consciousness.


– Fights depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia or too much sleep, nightmares, migraines and chronic pain in general, palpitations, heartburn and gastritis, constipation, leg pain, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenic outbreaks, obsessive processes, addictions chemical (legal and illegal), panic syndrome, unexplained phobias and fears, sexual traumas and others.

– Promotes the cleansing of the auric field, eliminating dense energies, which generate diseases such as those mentioned above.

– Helps or cures physical illnesses, insomnia, unexplained and constant pain, such as fibromyalgia. Eliminates and purifies negative energies from the physical, emotional and mental body, which generate personal negativity, panic syndrome, insomnia and nightmares.

– Promotes an expansion of consciousness that expands to the home and the work environment. As a consequence of the energetic elevation, it avoids attacks from spiritual obsessors, intrusive energies, implants, elemental forces and attacks during sleep, which operate in lower vibrations and which generate nightmares and loss of vital energy during sleep. The main symptoms of which are: the person sleeps too much, wakes up tired, exhausted, as if he had not rested and presents dark circles.

– Eliminates and purifies negative seeded energies and energetic implants, permanently. It acts as a purifier and balancer of the mind, bringing back the joy of life, the spirit, the divine protection, removing depression and other diseases of the soul.