Eduardo Chianca (07/07/2020)
This series of "Aquarian Reflections" is Contemporary and aims to clarify about many of the symptoms that a portion of humanity is feeling, but unable to identify the causes, which manifest themselves more strongly from 2012, affecting more young people, called Indigos, Millenials (Generation Y), Generation Z and adults over 35 years. This pressure will increase significantly over the coming years and decades.
1-Firstly we must reflect on the question of time, that although this parameter is so present in our life, that we do not even observe it, because the whole resource of incarnate life is limited to the time of life.
2- In scientific terms, time is the fourth dimension, as a "continuum" of the three lower dimensions of matter, as albert einstein defined: "time is the fourth dimension" and is corroborated by the new theories of parallel universes. (See book: Parallel Universes by Michio Kaku).
3- In human terms, we have three conditions of time perception.
aIn the state of wakefulness, what is called time, is a mental protocol, an abstraction, which flows straight from the past to the present and to the future and whose main function is to organize the agenda of events stored our memory. Only information on the waking state of this incarnation is recorded in the brain.
b- During the state of sleep, with the soul in the astral plane or in the fourth dimension literally "we enter the timeline" individualized and access the memories of our life, which includes all the moments of this incarnation as well as past experiences and between experiences. We have a great possibility of generating traumas that manifest themselves forcefully in the present moment, in an underlying and unconscious way and more active in times of stress. The therapeutic ways to access this informational field is through the decoding of dreams (which is very complex), memory regression and the use of Ayahuasca tea, in appropriate ceremonies. All this turns into healing, vibrational elevation and self-knowledge.
c- There is a higher state of consciousness awakens, at the level of the Higher Self (fifth vibrational dimension) where time is perceived as an eternal present, with a macrocosmic view of the past and the future and manifest themselves as revelations, intuitions and other superior mental processes. Making a modern analogy, it is like an "informational cloud" that can be "downloaded" (download) in special conditions of relaxation.
4- The vibrational increase that is occurring will, as a first phase or stage, lifting the veils of our memory that lie asleep in the secluded from our unconscious and generating a physical discomfort (diseases) and psychological dissatisfaction, such as: existential emptiness, insomnia, depression, anxiety, panic, and so many other modern syndromes. It is essential that all this is witnessed as a call of the soul, a superior message that must be honored, and if it seeks to identify the cause (the allopathic medicine usually only inhibits the effect of imbalance), so that a long-term solution is possible.
Although not realizing by the physical senses, we are immersed in a vibrational universe, which is fed by the magnetic vibrations of stars (whose scientific name is "magnestar", because it is the source of magnetism that on earth without transforming into electromagnetism).
5-This "quantum soup" is constantly changing and so the new astrological eras play a fundamental role in the psyche of humanity collectively and they play archetypical roles relevant to the evolution of humanity. For this reason in year 1 of the Age of Pisces the spiritual hierarchy sent the master Jesus, an avatar, an enlightened being to incarnate and disarm his high vibration blood to help the humanity of the Age of Pisces raise their consciousness in the direction of love and prepare for the Age of Aquariums, of very high cosmic vibration. For this vibrational reason, we all witness in our daily life a large number of people trying to understand the meaning of life from a higher, transcendent perspective, besides being born, growing and dying, as occurs even with vegetables. The difference is that the vegetable "knows" his cosmic mission and fulfills it with praise. Think about it!!!
6- If you demonstrate motivation in these mystical or esoteric themes, you indicate that you are a spiritual seeker, and, rest assured, you have not incarnated in this moment of planetary transition so important, by chance, a fatality of life: Nothing relevant in our life, "good or bad" has a good purpose, from the perspective of the accelerated evolution of the soul in these new times of transformation.
7- We are a microcosm, a part in tune with a macrocosm, a divine Universe, of multiple vibrational dimensions and our auric field (or soul), on a planet of duality, based on our free will, tends to come into tune with the vibrational unity that prevails in the Universe, in the divine source.
8- The biblical God of Judeo-Christian, separatist, patriarchal and sectarian theology is the greatest fallacy that was created in the Western world as a form of mental manipulation, deceiving humanity, as an anti-Christ, causing it to sink into the pit of materialism, which is the demon or the Apocalyptic beast, Mamon (money and greed) number "666". Multinational organizations called "Christian" churches are moving against the history of the evolution of humanity and will disappear as predicted in the book Revelation of John, during this age of Aquarius, of transformation.
9- The cosmic energy that generates consciousness will not adapt to our small understanding contaminated by duality, its fallacies, dogmas and other human manipulations, it is we who have the responsibility to seek to auscultate the message of our heart, where lies the source of divine wisdom, in its connection with the coronial chakra and the spirit, the Higher Self, from which flow the sacred intuitions and revelations so common in the Age of Aquarius. As Jesus said, "Whoever has heard to hear that he hears!
Good Reflection!!!
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