NERGYThe figure above, schematically shows the main centers of human energy, portals or energetic vortexes, and also called chakras or chakras (in Sanskrit means wheel).

Chakras are actually vibrational tuners, with specific frequency ranges and have the function of your energy energy transformers transferring energies up and down. The main role of the human being is to make the bridge, the electromagnetic connection, chakra to chakra, between the earth and the sun. There are two types of energies that feed the human being. The cosmic energies that enter through the coronary chakra and the telluric energies, originating from the earth, which enter through the feet and the basic chakra.
Chakras store energies with information, memories and emotions encoded in vibrational form of what you are psychologically in the same way that your DNA stores information from your physical body. The connection between the chakras is made through subtle "wires" called nadis or meridians. The magnetic flux occurs in a format of an eight, or symbol of infinity, also called leminscatas.

There are seven main chakras, which bridge the gap between your physical body and the other energetic bodies within your aura. They have a conical shape, which rotate clockwise when they are in their normal, harmonic operation.
Physiologically they are linked to organs and glands and energetically to emotional, mental and spiritual issues.
They start at the bottom of our body to the last one at the top of the head. Its colors, noting that the color is a vibration, and has the same colors as the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo blue and violet. These energetic cones are born inside our body and permeate all the upper bodies.
Briefly: 1st chakr
a-Basic- is located at the base of the spinal column, in the coccyx bone, in the region of the perineum, and is pointed down to the earth and makes our magnetic connection with iron crystal in the core of the earth, is our energetic umbilical cord with the mother earth and is associated with the first dimension (D1). This energy center is connected to the heart rate itself, as long as we're alive, it's up and running. In psychological terms, it represents the survival instinct, the individual basic needs of the human being on earth, and this related to his ability to survive and function effectively at the matter level. Its color is red, like our blood.

2nd chakra – Sacro- originates in the gonads, male or female, with its center just below the navel, and is related to sexual issues, both physical and emotional. Its color is orange-red is its energy is focused on the survival of the species. For this reason, the sexual issue has enormous strength in all races. It is the second priority, after individual survival, for all beings, not just humans. These two chakras have a strong connection between them.
Sexual energy is also the energy of creativity and it is fundamental in the process of spiritual awakening or enlightenment.
In the process of spiritual awakening it is necessary that there is the ascending energy flow of mother earth, from the basic chakra, to the top of the head, in the corinthian chakra, as well as the downward flow, from the higher vibrations, which descend thr
ough the
chakras, back to earth. NOTE As a curiosity, as marketing experts, who know deeply the workings of the human psyche, use colors in a subreptitious way as a way to attract consumers to products they do not need, and often do harm to their health. Because of this, the absolute majority of all cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, snacks and even the very color of the most famous cafeterias on the planet, use and abuse the color red. As well as in advertisements they use the sexual issue as an incentive, usually women in advertising of drinks and cigarettes, and the color red. The red color is perceived by human consciousness as a vital issue of individual or species survival, hence the sexual connotation. No for nothing is that the preferred car is a red Ferrari, the rose is red and the lipstick is red. Pay attention to this and feel how many times you have been manipulated without knowing, in a subreptitious way.
Bahia, 15/03/20
08For this reason the international structured religions, whose main objective is control of human consciences through fear and the feeling of shame, which manipulate the feeling of guilt through sexuality, especially women. Note that these religions are all controlled by the male sex, patriarchy, male energy.
If any of these chakras is blocked, there will be no such normal upward and downward flow, in which the human being plays his primary role in this life, which is to bridge the earth and heaven. This is the only differential that the human being has in relation to other animals.
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he 3rd chakra- Solar Plexus- originates in the region of the same name, just below the human diaphragm, and connected to the pancreas, It is our connection with the three-dimensional world and then we capture human emotions. This is the first fuse that opens when we have any embarrassment or annoyance. It is the thermometer that tells us how we are being treated by the world, whether lovingly or hostilely. It's an indicator that something's not right, and that we need to stop and analyze what's happening to us. In the Western world, one takes a remedy for the stomach, which will disguise the malaise, and so we lose the opportunity to do a psychological analysis of what is taking place, and thus solving the issue at the root, without affecting the physical body. Its color is yellow.

The 4th chakra is the Cardiac, originated in the Thymus gland, near the heart. It possesses the energy of love, and is fundamental to human health. When this chakra is closed, it means that what is prevailing are the energies of hatred, resentment, animosity, envy. This is what will further cause heart problems and cancer. Cancer is the disease of lack of love, of hatred manifested. The energy of this energetic center is transmitted mainly by the hands, so all the manifestations of love are made with the hands: the embrace in the friend, the cuddly in the child and take the hand, and own instinctive act of putting his hand in any region that is adored, in his own body or other, and the most used form of vibrational medicine , of spiritist passes, reiki therapies, Brightness Frequencies and so many others, not to mention the imposition of Jesus' own hands. "When we often feel a 'grip' in the heart, it means that this chakra has undergone a change. When two people are in love there is an energetic flow between the two hearts in the vibration of pink color, according to Barbara Brennan. The normal color of this chakra is Green. Note that green is the most abundant color in nature, of plants. That's why when we want to harmonize we look for places with plants. The green color in general in our life contributed to greater harmony.

The 5th chakra, Laryngine, is in the throat, centered on the thyroid gland, is responsible for expression, communication. This is where the next chakra, the mental, is manifested, because the word manifests our ideas and our thoughts. Hence the importance of the word. As ancient knowledge says, at the beginning there was only the verb."
Here are also identified the energies in relation to the future, in relation to the behavior of optimism or pessimism. Its color is blue.
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he 6th chakra, the Mental, on the forehead, between the eyebrows is considered the third eye, that of the inner vision, is connected to the pituitary gland and the lower brain. It's related to the mental activity of the neurons themselves. The most intellectualized people have a large energetic vortex while people who spend many hours watching TV, usually half hypnotized, have minimal energy. The vast majority of humanity possesses only until this sixth chakra normally functioning, consciousness is limited to the third dimension, physical, where the purpose of life is only material, physical, emotional and mental, without intuitive connection with the superior vibrational planes. Its color is indigo blue. For this reason the child who is currently being born in bulk, has this name, of Indigo child.

The 7th Chakra, called the Coronary, or the Crown, sits on top of the head, and makes the electromagnetic connection, intuitive with the planes of superior vibration. That is where the connection with his spirit begins and the mystical, trans-personal or spiritual experiences begin. When this occurs the human being begins to bind to divinity, to the upper brain, to the lower levels of the great spiritual hierarchy, of what we call God. This developed chakra is represented in Buddhism with the small hill at the top of the head and in Christianity, by the illuminated halo, which characterize the angels and saints, in their graphic representations. Its color is violet or white.
This chakra makes the electromagnetic connection with our spirit, or Higher I. The force that moves the spirit is the search for truth.
The vast majority of humans have the corony chakra blocked. This is due to the lack of use, of accommodation in not seeking to discover the truth and are accommodated in the various traditional religions that do not encourage the search for truth. To get to the truth, even if it is at a glance it takes courage and, mainly, a lot of hard work, with a lot of research, reflection, conversations and readings. Those who accept to be held hostage and imprisoned in a belief system, which is a mental process, of the 6th chakra, usually for convenience, because there are more people who have the same belief system as his, remain with the coronary chakra blocked, without access to his own spirit, the Higher Self, the Truth and God.

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