ESOTERIC ENERGY ANATOMY (esoteric anatomy)

ESOTERIC ENERGY ANATOMY (esoteric anatomy)

1 – HEART: Receives an energetic trinity that creates the Sun (Solar Kundalini), in its ~secret chamber (heart chakra).

2 – HEART: Generates two toroidaal electromagnetic fields, the smallest feeds and polarizes the cerebral hemispheres, such as the poles of a battery, generating the mental field, the cosmic bridge; and the larger one energizes the auric field.

3 – HEART: Cardiac neurons, primordial, is the home of human creative thought, from the secret chamber, powered by the solar plexus, then our thought, which generates the form thought in the head, and consequently the human mind covers every magnetic field of the solar system.

4 – The most harmonious and coherent energy is the Rosy of unconditional love and the one that best propagates in the atmosphere, envelopando the information to be transmitted telepathically between two or more people. Of course the energy of love is non-dual, and can only manifest itself in the plane or field of unity that begins in the fifth dimension (5D), in the cosmic unitary field, where our spiritual being, the Higher Self, is seated, in a meditative state, respecting the intentions of our free, dual will.

5 – When the being, in its inferior nature, dual, purifies and transmutes its negative feelings and thoughts, of earthly personality, naturally sprouting, rising from the swamp, symbolized by the lotus flower, its divine aspect, of light (wisdom), love and power, the kundalini energy, feminine, of Mother Earth, goes up like an igneous serpent, which by fire, is purifying our energetic vortexes (the chakras) , which tune into the seven vibrations of our Solar Father's ray of light, and this earthly energy (Yin) is amplified in our "toroidal" heart, or better fertilized, by the solar kundalini, Yang, there being the alchemical, ether, trino, solar marriage, with the 4 elements of Mother Earth, causing the kundalinis of the Earth and the Sun to rise hand in hand , energizing the upper chakras of power (the verb of the throat), wisdom (light), which can only manifest itself in the integral human being, by the harmonization of the cerebral hemispheres, the rational and scientific, left, Yang, and the intuitive and holographic, right, Yin, and, in this original condition, lost, the human being (Oh, now can be called so.) . resumes to its condition of a cosmic, divine human being, who through the "Father who is in heaven", the higher Self, he accesses the truths, still veiled, of the cosmic wisdom of the ethemic records (Akashic), which contains all the true, immutable and eternal laws of The mind of God, and in this condition, awakens, awake, enlightened, enlightened, or ascends, the name you want to call , the human being who transforms, is a deity, creator, as Jesus said: "you are gods", and thus the disciple on earth, in a physical body, eternalized by light, becomes a divine instrument, where the Spiritual Hierarchy (The great white fraternity) can act, using our eyes (physical), to see his work, and through our hands and our verb , to be able to evolve it.

6 – Concluding, that it is not a semantic issue, but rather scientific, that the energy of love, unconditional (for the lack of a better word, for there are no words to describe this Cosmic Divine Energy), which can only be "felt" in our hearts, when we come into harmony with the cosmic energies, which we call God, and that in this way of the universe they are synthesized by Mother Earth , and by the Solar Father, and will produce the "cosmic orgarsm" in our heart, that even happening in the blink of an eye, once in the incarnation, it is so revealing of a hidden, transcendent universe that we know to exist, at the core of our consciousness, symbolized in mythology as the "Garden of Eden" or "Shangri-la", and it is this memory that moves all mankind , which lies literally at the bottom of the well, in matter, with the kundalini, rolled, in three and a half turns, like a snake, asleep in the basic chakra, millennia ago, waiting only a touch to give the ascensional "dinghy" and awakening. 

7 – Ending, like everything in life, events occur as the result of a process, even the "Quantum Leaps", sudden, as the classic awakening of Paul (Saul) on the road to Damascus, but in this case there was a whole previous process.
As we have mentioned several times, we are living a favorable cosmic cycle for the awakening of consciousness of humanity on a large scale, as was not the case for thousands of years, so it is a great privilege and honor to be incarnated at this planetary moment and already in the process of spiritual search, and as we live in the unit of electromagnetic, holographic, systems within systems , even without realizing it, when a person awakens it magnetizes the field and directly affects the people related to it, whether family or friends, both by physical presence and by word, because the transformation that occurs in the person who awakens is felt by the example of his acts.

8 – In this process of purification and elimination of mental patterns, attitudes and belief systems, negative and limiting the expansion of consciousness to unity, to be replaced by the positive until reaching unconditional love, the feeling and practice of gratitude is a fundamental factor in this transition. As we still live in a world of duality, with many challenges and difficulties, both of this incarnation and of past experiences, when we see these challenges from a perspective of gratitude, they are of another vision, bringing a new look, transforming into precious teachings, necessary for our evolutionary journey. Gratitude also leads you to thank, to feel blessed for what you already have, how to breathe, just to give an example, and no longer from the perspective of the ego-personality that never shows gratitude, because it is always dissatisfied, always wanting to have more, and generally already having all the comfort, because this is what the world of matter can give, the ego makes comparations with others , entering a vicious, endless circle, bringing disease, sadness and frustration. 

(Russia, 07-06-2017)

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