The SYMBOLISM OF TAO (mysteries revealed).

The SYMBOLISM OF TAO (mysteries revealed).

The symbol of "TAO", which means "path" in Chinese is the symbol of philosophy known for Taoism, and is one of the most synthetic and, at the same time, most comprehensive ideograms of the cosmic principles of universal, divine laws. 
It consists of a circle (which symbolizes the totality, the universe, the absolute source or divinity, the emptiness that possesses all possibilities, such as the zero number), involving two energies or polarities, such as two fish, yin and yang. The yin, black, female, has a white eye, which gives the creation to the yang, white, masculine, which has the black eye, which creates the yin, generating a perpetual dynamism between the two polarities that is symbolically represented by the number eight, the infinite, or the Lemniscata.
The white fish, symbolizes the world of matter, masculine, hard (hardware), visible,l manifested, exoteric, illuminated by sunlight. And the black fish, feminine, soft, flexible (software), the spiritual world, mental, magnetic fields, interstellar space, dark, invisible in its essence, implied, esoteric. 
These two fish, symbol of the element water, from which life is generated, as sperm, male, positive polarity, fertilizes the egg, female, of negative polarity, forming a "battery", inside the egg, spherical, which forms a creative totality, a circle that contains the masculine and the feminine, intrinsic to every human being, where the fetus or embryo is born female , and only after a few weeks, makes the differentiation or gender choice (depending on the carmic programming prior to conception), due to the endocrine activations of the male (testosterone) and female hormones (estrogen and progesterone).
In energy terms this "battery" is a toroide (two poles: positive/yang, negative/yin), and the "auric" magnetic field of the planet Earth, with its north and south poles; in psychological terms, the humanity of the northern hemisphere, is "male", yang, of the left cerebral hemisphere (yang), while in the southern hemisphere, feminine, yin, more spiritualized, which is being reactivated in this New Age of Light,(from Aquarius, from 2012), from where the spiritual energetic waves will feed the entirety of our planet, the way that the magnetic south pole of the Earth, female, feeds the north pole, male (so the compass, magnetic aligns with the flow of this field, south /north) and always points to the north pole, magnetic.

We can now make a correlation of this synthetic symbol with the seven hermetic cosmic principles:

1 – Polarity – Yang (positive) – Yin (negative)
2 – Gender – Yang (male) – Yin ( female)
3 – Karma – Action (Yang), will, choice, generates a Reaction ( Yin), an effect or consequence that feeds the cause, generating the carmic law, of the world of duality.
4 – Vibration – The two energy poles , Yang and Yin, naturally generate a vibration or frequency and cycles
5 – Cycle
6 – Mentalism – The world is mental, spiritual, magnetic, energetic. As in the Land of Relativity (E= mc2), energy, spirit, Yin, generates Yang matter.
7 – Correspondence – What is below is what is above, is the law of totality (holographic) represented by the circle that is cosmic, divine unity, which manifests itself in the whole, visible (Yang) and invisible (Yin).

In short, the "Tao", the way, contains the ancestral teachings of the great masters of the past, who experienced in their physical bodies, Yang, the energy of the spirit, Yin, forming a holographic totality, between the human being and God -Father(Yang)/Mother(Yin), but after a few millennia of imbalance with the predominance of the various aspects"Yang", of the masculine, of patriarchy, of the rational intellectualism of the left hemisphere, which suffocated the aspect "Yin", feminine, intuitive, which connects to the spirit, to the Higher I, sitting on the 1st step (5d) of the spiritual world, invisible. 
The good news is that we have entered the Age of Light, the holistic, the unity, the Yin/Yang balance, the homeotase, the cardiac coherence, the energy of love, which increases our cerebral duality, transforming it into a conscientious unit, where the two symbolic fish of the "Tao", as in the metamorphosis of the caterpillar in the cocoon (chrysalis), which turns into a beautiful butterfly, with its wings, symbolizing, the convergent unity between science and spirituality, one feeding the other, in the direction of the Divine Light, of the "path" that we all have to walk, sooner or later, where our duality will dissolve in the divine unity of the "Tao", of the way to God.


1 – In energy terms, this positive and negative polarity, like a battery, generates spark, fire element, an electric field and, a consequent difference in energy potential and friction, whose objective is the balance, in the direction of unity, of the only potential energy, of the divine cosmic unity, of the absolute God. In cosmological terms, science has already discovered the "Black Hole" at the center of the galaxy, but the "White Hole" has yet to be discovered.

2 – It is this igneous friction of yang and yin that produces cosmic evolution, which is a universal, micro and macro principle, represented in Hinduism by the symbolism of the "Dance of Shiva", creation (Yin), and destruction (Yang), that produces evolution.

3 – At the level of the human being, this "dance" between Yang and Yin, manifests itself at all levels: physical, emotional, and mental. 
Physical: inspiration/expiration: feeding/evacuation; apoptosis (birth and death of cells); incarnation/re-incarnation; Etc.
Emotional: —–
Mental: typical mental patterns, male (rational), action, aggression, war
and feminine (intuitive).

4 – This symbol also applies to humans, where the black eye, Yin, represents the right hemisphere, Yin, which controls the left side of the body, Yan, and, the white eye,Yang, represents the left hemisphere, Yang, which controls the right side, Yang, and, the curve in the middle is the spinal column.

(Russia, 07-06-2017)

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