Who are the Pleiadianos?

The Pleiadianos are beings of Light, higher consciousnesses, of the fifth dimension – vibrational band of our Higher Self. The fifth dimension, or Plan of Truth, of Unconditional Love, is a level above the third dimension, world of duality where we, incarnated human beings, live – physical plane, waking state, of the day, where our dominant brain is the left hemisphere, with a vibration in beta brain frequency, fourteen to thirty Hertz) and the fourth dimension – astral plane , sleep, night, right cerebral hemisphere and lower brain frequencies, Alpha, Theta and Delta. These beings of Light, or Angels in a religious language, have never incarnated on Earth, although they also have the mission here to evolve their spirits through a "service delivery" on our planet. This happens twice in a period of twenty-six thousand years, technically called the precession of the equinoxes, which is the duration of the turning of our Sun, around the star Alcione, the main star of the constellation of Ursa Maior or Pleiades. Each of these periods lasts a thousand years, and the beginning of the next cycle of a thousand years, according to the Mayan and Cherokee calendar, will take place from twenty-one December 2012. In astrological terms is the era of Aquarius, the Golden Age or light. The Pleiadianos are specialists in the knowledge of the human being. I believe that they are the creators of the human project on Earth, they are part of the Great White Fraternity, connected in the fifth ray, the Green Ray, Truth and Health. In this radius are Master Ascenso Hilary, Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary.Angels are all specialized and they are nurses or cosmic doctors. There are, incarnated on the planet Earth, several races originating from the Pleiades; the best known is that of the Maya, who bequeathed us their calendar of 5125 years, showing us that we will be back to the high vibration of the photon belt from the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere on December 21, 2012. Other breeds are composed of the Cherokees, the Hopi, the Kahunas, native red skins of North America and also the Esseses. The sage Essesnic, and master Ascenso Jesus is of Pleiaian origin. For this reason, since the harmonic convergence on August 16, 1987, when our planet began to directly receive "the first rays" of the photon belt, when there was a planetary alignment around the Sun between Earth, Venus, Mars and the Pleiades, several people began to awaken for their missions at this special moment of the planet Earth and to remember ancestral knowledge that was dormant in their consciousnesses : Some have written books on the Pleiadianos, such as Barbara Hand Clow (Pleiadiana Agenda, Nine-Dimensional Alchemy and others), Barbara Marciniak (Messengers of Dawn and Earth) and Amorah Kwan Yin (Pleiadiano Manual and others not yet translated into Portuguese); others channeled holistic therapy techniques based on Pleiadian knowledge, such as Peggy Durbro, with emf – Eletro Magnetic Field Balancing Technique, already present in almost one hundred countries, Christine Day, with Brightness Frequencies well known in Brazil, Gisele King, with Magnified Healing, Frequencies of Light with me and several others that are awakening all over the planet. As long as the pure and loving intention of service to others is placed, the Pleiadianos are available to connect with some people and, the better, for a smoother planetary transition. It is necessary, however, that there is also a due vibrational purification so that they can access these frequencies of Light. All this way is guided by the higher I of the person. All people, current plumbers, have Pleiaian origin, usually old shamans in other incarnations who have an ease of tuning into these Pleiaian consciousnesses, because, in a way, it has the knowledge of the "language", which makes communication easier. Remember, the good old acupuncture is the first Pleiadiana technique that has been reported. Originally from the last time they were on our planet and passed on this knowledge to the earliest peoples of the time who were tibetans, as a gift to help humanity during the period of low vibration, or darkness, that we have lived in the last 12,000 years. The Pleiadianos are very loving, kind, humorous and fun beings. They love that the opportunity to work arises, for in addition to allowing them to help younger brothers in the journey on earth, it also contributes to their own spiritual evolution through the fulfilment of their mission. They must follow our evolution on this planet in the next thousand years and will do so cooperatively, respecting our free will, which is a sacred divine law that cannot be interfered with, and will help us build a new archetype in medicine, art and the science of healing, evolving into a vibrational, electromagnetic, holistic model, where all multidimensional aspects are taken into account , quantum and holographic of the human being. Allopathic-materialist medicine currently prevalent in the Western world whose structure is focused on disease, for financial gain, for reactive processes that only act when diseases are already manifested in the physical body will be transformed into a new medicine: spiritualized, health-oriented, for self-knowledge, prevention and detection of energy imbalances at more subtle levels of our holographic structure , without direct manifestation in the physical vehicle. At this moment we will be living in the new Age of Light. I feel their presence through the wonderful "smell", my etheric olfactory perception – especially when I am performing calls in Light Frequencies and in the initiation processes of new therapists, where several people perceive or feel a loving vibration. It is a divine experience, for this reason, and i request them, i try to demystify them, for they are beings who are here with us, available to all human beings and not to the privileged few plumbers. They do not approach in greater quantity for two reasons: first, because they do not interfere in our free will, they soon need to be invoked, and then because the vibrational level of Western humanity is very low mainly because of inadequate feeding of red meat, caffeine and alcohol. When there is divinization we tend to idolatry and remoteness, as they did with master Jesus, who was divinized by the official churches to always have an "intermediary". This was not the master's position when he said; "What I do, you can do much more." For this reason, try to build a relationship of companionship with older, wiser and loving brothers who are at the service of the Spiritual Hierarchy, who silently, of the higher dimensions, work tirelessly to contribute to the human race for their journey on the road to the Light. Also remembering that in our ancestral archetype the colors blue and white represent the Pleiades, the same colors as our collective unconscious, wears for the mantle of Mother Mary, in the Western Christian world, in the Western Christian world, and, for the mantle of Kwan Yin, the divine mother of the Buddha, in the Eastern world." Therefore, invoking the Pleiadianos ultimately amounts to calling mother Mary's protection, with her mantle of protection and peace, blue and white