The Subconscious is an 'executive' of thought

Subconscious is an 'executive' of thought By Emilce Shrividy
aThe subconscious occupies 80% of the mind and it executes all the orders we send to it through our thoughts. He is like an executive and does not question whether what we send to him through thoughts is good for us or not.
Thus, over the years, we have been stuffing our subconscious with a lot of negativity, fears, feelings of guilt, low esteem. It is stored in our subconscious mind much more than we know because this content is hidden due to the agitation of our conscious mind.
Through our thoughts we determine what we feel and how we see the world. Therefore, it is very important to reprogram the subconscious; cleanses, information, previous experiences and emotions that are stored and that prevent us from being happier, healthier and authentic.
People become slaves to desires, to negative thoughts that generate disease, frustration, and self-punishment. They feel weak and think the negative has more power and always wins. They are not aware that this happens only because they have repeated, with insistence, the same thoughts that generate negative emotions and feelings. Hence the need to purify and erase the old negative patterns of the mind and subconscious that have been fed for a long time.
Through deep relaxation and meditation we can develop the potentialities of the subconscious layer and purify negative mental patterns and vibratory impressions of past events. It is a therapy that transforms and frees us from the sorrows and sorrows of the past.
Reprogram your subconsci
ousPractice daily a few minutes of relaxation. Lie down comfortably, close your eyes and relax your entire body, feeling it from head to toe.
If you want, you can listen to a very relaxing song that creates alpha waves, very quiet in your brain.
Don't do anything, just allow yourself to relax. Take your attention to each area of your body alternately: head, nape, face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, trunk, back, hips, legs and feet; and thus goes on to become aware of the body. As you move your mental attention through the body, feel it relaxing and resting.
Consciously release the tensions you were carrying.
Follow your breath and let it stabilize at a natural and regular pace. Notice the movement of the air coming in and out of your body. Feel that when exhaling, the body becomes heavier, and at the same time light and relaxed.
Feel full at the present moment. Enjoy that moment and that sense of peace. Enjoy being in your own good company.
When you are very relaxed, you can choose a phrase of personal, positive, simple and short affirmation that you would like to achieve in your life. The power of affirmation brings self-healing and transforms you for the better.
In this serno state, the mind absorbs the information you send to you like a sponge and so, you can reprogram your subconscious.
You can change your old mental patterns by silently repeating sometimes statements such as: "Every day, in every way and feel, I'm going to do better and better. And so it shall be." "I love myself, I accept myself. I see myself with the eyes of love. I get better every day more."
Or statements such as, "I'm strong, strong, strong. I'm part of God. God is strength and I am full of strength." This statement is absorbed and stored in your subconscious mind and you trigger inner power feeling courage, firmness and inner strength.
Feel the power of appeasement. Feel how relaxation makes you slide inward, bringing you a sense of well-being and calm.
And come back from relaxation feeling free and content. It spreguice yummy. Sigh, yawn. Open your eyes. And take that feeling of tranquility into your daily life.
These self-suggestions made with the body and mind very calm and relaxed have a lot of strength and, with constant practice, the subconscious gets permeated by this idea. You get to like yourself more, to appreciate yourself, to discover your qualities and abilities. This will help you develop your potential and talents.
Relaxation is important for the curative process. You get emotional and physical healing, because the body and mind are always connected.
With this practice of interiorization, you find the internal support that will help you in the most difficult moments and overcome obstacles, finding the answers to your doubts inside. You flow more easily through the ocean of life with confidence and faith.
Transform yourself for the
betterBelieve in your ability to change. It's as easy to think of a pleasant thought as an unpleasant thought. They require the same amount of mental energy.
It's up to us what we allow the mind to think. Even if you think that thoughts are out of your control, it is you who chooses your thoughts. In addition to purifying negative mental patterns, do not re-develop these patterns that imprisoned and took away your happiness.
Consider the teachings of Yoga:Why think so much?Why torment yourself with so many thoughts?
However, as the great teachers say, if you want to think, at least think good and high thoughts. Silently repeat the mantra Om Namah Shivaya, at the same pace as your speech. Repeat the mantra several times a day. This practice has the power to calm you down and empty your mind. You may also mentally repeat several times: "I am the presence of God in action."
The positive energy of your thoughts is like a treatment. Naturally, with its constancy to build a positive mind, a process of self-healing occurs.Psychosomatic diseases begin to dissolve, your body becomes healthier, your mind becomes clearer with more discernment and calm.
Understand that your power lies in choosing your thoughts and words and that our thoughts are creative and generate our experiences.
Understand that you are your own enemy when you feed negative thoughts and are your own friend when you choose to think positive.
Choose thoughts that encourage, elevate, and support you. Think well of yourself and others and realize how this new attitude brings the tranquility of the mind.
When problems and difficulties arise, draw some lessons from this. Also thank the difficult things and challenges because through them you acquire maturity and wisdom. Keep joy and serenity through gratitude, unconcern, acceptance.
Be kind and kind to yourself. You can choose to be more patient, understanding and seren. Understand that you deserve to be cheerful and happy. Be at p
eace! Just be at peace!

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