In cosmic terms, the earth is an infinitesimal blue dot traveling in space at an average speed exceeding over a hundred thousand kilometers per hour, with respect to the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, when our perception is that we are practically still in the Universe. When we think of these terms, at least we put in the right perspective the human dimension in the universe, in material terms. In terms of consciousness the earth is a living organism, it is not a piece of lifeless rock, which yields its uterus to allow the evolution of various beings. It is what mother Gaia is called, as the term was coined by the English biologist James Lovelock. (##
########) With regard to its mission, the earth can be considered a space laboratory, where everything is allowed, similar to those that exist among humans, to be practiced experiments of various nature. In it there are three categories of beings in evolution, in dimensional descending order: angels, animals, including humans and all elemental beings or spirits of nature: from earth, water, air and fire, With respect to humans, is being allowed a concept called free will, where all planting is allowed, but the harvest is obligatory, is the exercise of the law of cause and effect.
This partnership between the earth, humans and beings of heaven was implicit in all the so-called primitive peoples, by the European white man, and were largely exterminated in the name of the church throughout its history, the Celts and the healers, in the witch hunt in the Middle Ages in Europe itself, all the natives of the Americas and the black Africans , slaves, who were even considered soulless animals. To this day, in the consciousness of so-called civilized man, all these other human beings are considered primitive, in addition to the conceptualization that everything is on earth to serve man, selfishly, with the destruction of the planet itself for lack of this awareness of partnership and harmony, not only among men, but also with all beings, including the very land that has lovingly welcomed us as hosts , in your own uterus.
In fact, in physiological terms, from the moment of our descent from the spiritural plane to the earth, we are always connected in some uterus, initially in that of our own mother, through the umbilical cord, and after birth, we immediately connect with the womb of mother earth through breathing, until our last breath that takes us back to the initial uterus from which we came.
Everything in life is subject to the Law of Rhythm, and we can easily perceive the rhythms of our life, for example: the day (a turning of the earth around its own axis), the cycles of the moon every four weeks (we should have a lunar month of 28 days, with the day starting at sunset and ending at sunset the next day , as is the case in all other calendars: Hebrew, Indian, Chinese and Muslim, only the calendar followed in the Western world is the Gregorian calendar, created by the Catholic Church, in the concilio of Trent ended in 1563, which reformed the Julian calendar created by the Roman politician and military, Julio César in the year 46 BC. It is this calendar, totally dissociated from nature that still prevails in the Western world. This issue of the calendar is the cycle of the day is vital for human consciousness, staying in tune with the cycles of nature, which unfortunately still occurs in our calendar.

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