8)"Energies are like the rays of God, the forces of nature as the rays of the world, the arts and sciences as the rays of man. Energies act through the world and reach the human being through the channel of the world's physical rays; the forces of nature act through elements and men through the arts and sciences."
Hermes Trismegistos in Corpus Hermeticum.

To understand what is happening it is essential that it is clear what is called vital energy. This energy, known among all peoples of all times, has different names: prana, etc.. XXXXXXXXXHum

an perception occurs by the variation that is identified by our senses. If any component in our life does not vary, it is not perceived. It is easier through simple examples: imagine that the temperature did not vary, was always constant, this variable would not be perceived. This occurred with respect to the earth's magnetic vibration, the vibration or resonance Schulmann discovered by the German physicist of the same name, which was only perceived when the first human being left the Earth's atmosphere in the first space trips in the last century. It is this vibration that currently gives the perception that time is passing faster. In the early 1990s it had a frequency of 8.4 Hz and currently stands at about 13 Hertz. The reasons for this change in the pulsation frequency of the earth have not yet been discovered.
The same goes for the fish that is always in the water, if we asked a fish what he thought of living in the water, he would answer:-
Water? What are you talking about? I don't understand the reason for the question.
The same thing happens with vital energy and humans. For us, it is very clear the air element. We feel it, breathe it, feel its temperature, purity, speed, it is present throughout our life.
Vital energy is a subtle energy, not perceived by our senses permeates everything and everyone, from macrocosm to microcosm. Everything is steeped in this vibration, which is what gives life, or God's own breath. We are immersed in this divine breath all our lives. It is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, this is how we should feel: totally immersed in God himself, who is present throughout the universe and in every atom of all that exists. The most sensitive people feel this vibration and comment that they feel a good vibration or not in certain environments or people.
Although we are immersed in this common ocean of vital energy, each being is also a generator or modifier of this energy. When Jesus made his healings through the impositions of his hands, he was concentrating vital energy for the purpose of healing. Similar method is currently used through natural, or holistic therapies of all time. Acupuncture, reiki, florals, glow frequencies, and so many other therapies are all based on the manipulation of vital energy.
Now, I would like to do an exercise with you:
Looking at the universe, we see the stars, stars, planets, our moon, as released into space, in the magical dance of gravitational force, which keeps each of them in their respective orbits. Imagine now, that between each there is an invisible connection of concentrated rays of vital energy, as with the solar irradiation of our sun, to the earth, that we see and feel. All these connections are intelligent, have consciousness and are God's own manifestation. If we want to "visualize" God, close your eyes and imagine that the universe itself, infinite, all intelligently interconnected, perfectly and finished, in a process of evolution, and energy of love, is the "materialization", the manifestation of God, of mystery. It is essential that we have this awareness of God's presence in our lives, that we are immersed in Him, for as Jesus said, "you are gods", we are all part of him, we are like a drop of water in the ocean, we are part of the ocean, and, as Mother Teresa of Calcutta said: "without this drop, which represents human individuality, the ocean would be smaller".

In the case of the sun, there is also ultraviolet irradiation, which we do not see, but is only perceived by the effects on our skin and eyes. Everything is connected through invisible energy tubes between all bodies in the universe. Everything vibrates and every vibration has a frequency. As we know, sunlight, when focusing on a prism, decomposes into the colors visible in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo blue and violet. Our eyes are frequency detectors tuned to the vibrations of colors, just as our ears are tuned to the vibration of sound. In the energetic human body, or human energy field, there are concentrated energy centers, called chakras. There are seven main, and each has the same colors as the rainbow, that is, it has the same vibration or frequency and is in resonance with this vibration emitted by the sun.
Another concept that needs to be clear is that everything is vibrating energy, at different frequencies. When we focus on things, and especially our body, we identify with it as a material body, but if we expand any part of it into a powerful microscope we will reach the cells, in the atoms with the electros rotating at incalculable speeds, with large empty spaces, filled only by vital energy.
With these preliminary notions about vital energy we will be able to understand what is already happening on the planet and how we prepare for this great event, as we prepare for the irradiation of the ultraviolet rays of our sun. It is a scientific issue, not of this materialistic science that is there, but of knowledge and expansion of human consciousness.
According to mayan prophecies, the earth will be entering a process of increasing the vibration of vital energy, as it has not in the last twenty-six thousand years or galactic year.

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