“I am 47 years old and have been undergoing cancer for two years. Six years ago, I discovered some nodules in my thyroid, and I was recommended to remove it completely and replace the hormone daily. I started the treatment with the Light Frequency method at the beginning of the year and, now in March / 09, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my thyroid was working again and that I no longer need to take the replacement hormone daily. In general, since I started treatment with Frequencies of Light, I have noticed concrete and positive results that can be confirmed by medical exams. I can also say that I am very grateful to be able to count on the loving and attentive dedication of Therapist Eduardo Chianca, who seems to go to great lengths to share with us this very effective and precious method of treatment. ”

Natal 29/07/2009 – Léa de Souza

Cleaning karmic waste

“I have already completed my training on the four levels of light frequencies, but I would like to report how much difference I have noticed when I started to include the cleaning of karmic waste in my work… Eduardo, this cleaning of the brain stem has made my clients do almost a regression instant, wonderful technique… thanks for the channeling. Namaste! “

01/02/2012 – Katia Gonzalez (Body Therapist and Feng Shui Consultant)


Hello, my name is Fernanda Wrobel, I’m 29 years old, I’m from Curitiba, married to the light frequency therapist André Rafael, and to a 4-year-old daughter. This is an account of a long-distance de-vampirization made by Eduardo Chianca while I was in the city of Curitiba, Paraná, and Eduardo on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in the city of Lisbon.

First I want to thank Eduardo Chianca for this spiritual healing, and likewise to the Pleiadian and Cherokee brothers, beings of light who accompany us. Eternal gratitude, it’s been a blessing in my life.

I was in a state for some time that was just making me uncomfortable, very tired on waking up and low energy in general… and I didn’t know exactly that I was being a victim of energy vampirization until I started complaining to André, who told me that all the symptoms were of possible vampirization and maybe he even had a chip on his left ankle … then to confirm he needed a pendulum, and observe what the movement was like on his left ankle, a sign of a possible chip/ring implantation. I put on the crystal pendant, watched it without intention, and was shocked by the confirmation of the presence of the ring. Then André got in contact with Eduardo to ask him to do a de-vampirization from a distance. In response to André’s request, Eduardo volunteered to do his first de-aeration at a distance!

Session report: Lying on my bed in a receptive state, I relaxed my body and my mind became calm. At first I felt some chills, but I was not expecting what was going to happen, I was calm. My body started to weigh, getting heavier and heavier, I didn’t feel the body, I just saw darkness and a dark feeling, I felt a twinge in the heart chakra, then in the frontal and I was attentive. In the darkness I soon saw a ray of blue light that brought light, then bright white. I felt calm, then I saw other colors. From sparkling blue to green, Lilac … a golden … Until then I was seeing and feeling the effect of colors suddenly on my left ankle, specifically, I started to feel a vibration, and more and more intense … I felt the energy in a point on the ankle that expanded by a radius of a few centimeters in my left leg, caught my attention … I was clueless about time, but it was for a considerable period … the energy in the ankle ceased. I felt the crown chakra vibrating and every second more intensely I felt an emotion that I had not felt for some time. I felt a peace in my heart, a love … and I stayed there, in the void, just feeling it, I felt the moment that Eduardo ended, but I was in a state of grace. Soon afterwards I received Eduardo’s call informing me that I had finished and asking how I was doing. He gave me instructions regarding the intention to continue the healing process while I slept because the beings of light and the Cherokees were still with me. At that time, I still had no idea of ​​the healing effects, today I can say that everything changed, I wake up every morning, with disposition, I didn’t even know what that feeling was, with willpower and happy, and the active crown chakra, I’m connected to the higher planes because I feel it vibrate, and right now it vibrates, it’s incredible! I am now at peace and free of any spiritual being to suck me … I Am Love.