For the most part, humanity has lost, throughout incarnations, its contact with nature, in its energetic totality, because even matter is concentrated energy, according to the theory of relativity, being conditioned to the world of matter, through the physical senses, in a superficial, apparent way.

Literally we live immersed in the vibrational field of the atmosphere, the "sky", which begins from the foot solate, supported on the sacred ground of the earth.
Evidently this is a quantum field, sub-atomic and influenced by human thought, as proven by the theory of quantum physics, where its fundamental principle is defined as: "the observer interferes in a non-local way", where the "non-local", means, instantly and remotely.

What differentiates the human being from other animals and places him at the evolutionary top is his ability to think, creating a thought form and manifesting on the physical plane this thought, subtle, in denser forms such as the word, with meaning, vibrating the physical air, with intensity, frequency and phase, which are intrinsic characteristics of the vibratory wave.

According to the brand new theory of parallel universes, by octave band in harmonic resonances with each other, forming a totality or holographic unity, therefore, a simple human thought, conceptually, reverberates throughout the universe. 
For this reason, it is recorded in the books of ancient wisdom, that "at the beginning there was only the verb (vibration) and God is the verb". This is conceptually correct because all "matter" of the universe energy and the universe is divine, in its infinite manifestations.
Therefore, the correct thinking, the correct speaking and the correct action has its positive influence on the energetic field in which we are inserted in a co-creative way, like the whole of humanity, hence we perceive the responsibility and power that the human being, individually, has a microcosm with everyone, including the planet Earth and beyond. 

Now, imagine, the power, for good or for evil, that has our thoughts and words for the very inner harmony/disharmony of the auric field we call health or disease. Remembering that the word health comes from holos, totality in Greek) and disease (dis-ease, means unbalanced, disarmed).
Within this holographic, multidimensional universe, the human being vibrates in five tracks: physical, etheric, emotional, concrete mental and transcendent or spiritual mental. Of course, our auric field must be vibrating as much as possible in harmony, resonance or coherence with cosmic field which allows us holistic health and an expansion of cosmic consciousness. 

There are several factors influencing us to achieve this state of awakening, but we will focus on the two main ones:

1 – Expand the mental envelope.
You are what you think, what you believe, whether based on truth or mental creation, which can be illusory.
This journey is equivalent to leaving the bottom of a valley, which allows only a limited view and as a high mountain rises, what from its peak it is possible to have the 360º view, much more comprehensive. Thus, with our inner transformation, an envelope or outline is enlarged that defines the limits of our perception of reality, which is dynamic, because it will always depend on "our gaze". Our perception is limited by our mental standards, a result of many experiences.

2 – In the vibratory range, inferior to the mental, is the emotional field that is the field that most affects the human being because all the pollution brought from past experiences, our caric issues to be worked and resolved beyond, that of the emotional influence of current humanity, which affect us forcefully in those emotions, fear, anger, envy, etc. , in which we have the energetic "hooks" that may have broken and our emotional field, but which is amplified by external origin. For this reason sometimes the person is feeling good and suddenly, negative ideas arise , strange, that do not match with their current reality. 

In short, it is your thinking that works as a modulator and "chooses", automatically which station transmits collective emotions you will tune into. Hence the vital importance of self-knowledge to know the rules of the game of which you are a participant, whether or not you are aware of its existence.

Let us now look at some practical aspects, so that we can reflect on the power of thought on the vibrational field.

1 – The fundamental importance of a creative meditation, a reflection, is clear to free us from mental conditionings, systems of beliefs and attitudes, which we transport as an energetic matrix from one experience to another, by the mental and emotional field (the soul) and that end up being reinforced by the family, culture in the current incarnation. Beyond the ability to think is the use of the word, which differentiate the human being from his brothers from the other realms. Scientifically, the word is an electromagnetic vibration generated in the mind-brain, which creates a form-thought, an electromagnetic field and can be manifested through a complex system: vocal cords, tongue, mouth, etc., which generates a propagation of sound, in the physical environment, air, which can be captured by other beings, human or not.
But beyond this intensity, there are intonations that are related to psychic, emotional and mental characteristics, generating meanings on a personal, positive or negative level. A widely publicized scientific experiment was conducted by Doctor Masaru Emoto, who researched the influence of the vibration generated by the word, spoken and written, symbols and music, which affect the molecules of water, at its atomic level, generating harmony or not, depending on the quality of energy used. Remembering that our physical body is formed by 70% water, which allows us to foresee the impact generated by negative thoughts and words. 
There are two sources for thoughts and words: internally, which affects the auric field, from the inside out and from the outside in.

2 – With the therapeutic purpose, we will analyze only the negative aspects, such as accusation, judgments, criticisms, slander, depreciation, which become blunt, "mortal", in two situations in a general, average way: in childhood and in other moments of psychic fragility, where the mental field, which has the dividing membrane to the external field, is pierced by words, negative energies, which look like arrows.  
3 – The Mantras – Words of Power!
On the other hand, there are combinations of special sounds, of perfect mathematical configuration, which generate positive vibrations with healing capacity, physical and metaphysics, with expansion of consciousness, which is widely used in all religions, especially in eastern ones, such as: "OM", "AUM", 'RA-MA' and 'OM MANI PADME HUM'', which harmonize the upper chakras and it brings a divine consciousness to divine levels. 
There are three sacred letters, A,M and N, which are energetic amplifiers, which appear in the mantras above and in other special mantras.

4 – Prayers and prayers with faith in the Divine Source, which generate superior harmonics, with transcendent powers, as a cure for "spontaneous remission", and other "miracles" still without human scientific explanation and enter the field of Mysticism, of the divine.Scientific research conducted at the University of California and San Francisco General Hospital proves the power of prayer as a way to help recover inpatients, even remotely. Analogously, there are several holistic techniques, such as Reiki and "Frequency of Light", which use the distance session modality, with proof by customers of a healthy energy manipulation, felt in their body and presenting improvements, or healing.
5 – Creative visualization.
Visualization is a mental creation, usually performed with closed physical eyes, activating the 3rd eye (frontal chakra) and singing in the astral field the creation made in the mental field, where a powerful energetic field is generated, which activates the etheric field and from there to the physical body.

6 – Invocation of beings of Light and Divine Energies.
In light frequency therapy, we invoke beings of the 4th, 5th and 6th dimension, to help in a co-creative way with the therapist in the 3rd dimension, being "visible" by people endorsed with psychic sensitivity.
Master Jesus said 2000 years ago, "When two or more are gathered in my name, then I will be."

7 – Telepathy

Throughout this book, there are many other references about the vibrational, electromagnetic universe, which allow a deep reflection that brings intuitions, divine inspirations, that you are looking for. 
Good journey!

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