BEING"Knows yourself". Famous inscription on the portal of the temple of D


n the Western world, the model used for the human being is based on the ideas of the philosopher René Descartes, (fifteenth century), and the traditional scientific theory and mechanistic of Isaac Newton (sixteenth century) and it was separated into body, mind and soul. Usually the human being is still seen as a cumof systems and physical organs, similar to a complex machine commanded by complex physical-chemical processes that only specialists, doctors and psychologists, can understand.

That's why people go to a doctor for physical illness, a psychologist or psychiatrist for mental disorders, and a priest, pastor, or other religious leader for spiritual issues. Usually, in medical cases the treatment is via chemical medicine.
According to this theory the cause of diseases and their cure always has an external reason, and we have been trained to always put the blame on something else, outside of our responsibility: a virus, the rain, or that caught from someone else, the stress of the boss, we always have a culprit for our diseases. And the cure is also of external origin, through medical treatment and chemical drugs. In this model, we are passive and patient, we have nothing to do and contribute to our healing. It is as if we are carriers of a passive body, without intelligence and without the capacity for self-healing. This is slowly changing and we can no longer hide the relationships between psychological, spiritual and physical health issues of the person, where we can say that most diseases are of psychosomatic origin.

Only recently in the Western world has the psychological, mental and spiritual states of the human being begun to value as fundamental to his physical-chemical health. This problem occurs only in countries whose religion originates from the Roman Catholic Church, because in the Eastern world it is practiced what is called holistic medicine, which takes into account the human being as a whole, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
A good scientific example of the power of mind and faith is what is called the placebo effect.

The HUMAN BRAIN (4/6/08)From a phy

siological point of view the human brain is composed of three superimposed brains, like layers of an onion.
The first, the Brainstem, also called the reptilian brain, which does not think and does not feel, is responsible for the processing of all our food and for the automatic movements, for example, heart, peristaltics, and so many other circadian rhythms, about 280 million years old.
For this reason it is very rare to have a reptile as a pet, it has no feelings. Further on it will be very clear why so many diseases are caused in our modern society, because it is ingesting chemical substances in our modern diet, full of preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers and so many others that we give to our ancestral brain, which has no sentimental relationship with our body, for processing, without first having combined with it.
The second, the limbic system, is the brain of mammals, it controls emotions, feelings, captured mainly through our five physical senses and helps to "organize" memories. It contains the hippocampus, amygdala and the hypothalamus and is 150 million years old. It is for this reason that there are so many dogs and cats as pets.
The third, the Neocortex, the outer layer that covers other brains is responsible for our thoughts and that processes our ideas. It consists of two halves, called meridians, the left being the most analytical, objective, logical, liear, sequential, masculine and that controls the right side of our body. For this reason, in the Western world most people are right-handed, that is, they use their right hand predominantly. The right side, is the most intuitive, philosophical, conceptual, holistic, holographic, feminine side and controls our left side. Most of the great leaders and prominent figures in our history were left-handed, as they used the two meridians more evenly, achieving much higher results than that which is guided by only one of the meridians. (see famous leftists websi
te) This is the unique brain of humans, being used only about 5 to 10 percent of its potential and is only 80 million years old. This means that there is about 90 percent of our brain to be discovered and useful.
The reason why this does not happen is because we are full of mental blocks that have been intentionally placed since ancestral times in our consciousness, with the purpose of mental control, mainly through feelings of fear and guilt, through the traditional religions that control the minds of most people to this day. We can say that humanity today finds itself imprisoned in false truths, of models, patterns or limiting archetypes of an obsolete collective mind.


Energetically the human brain functions as an electromagnetic generator, a large dynamo, for this reason our brain is divided into two meridians, a positive pole (the left side, male, positive, yang, and the right side, negative, female, yin).
The movement of vital energy is done through the mind and the physical brain. It has been said that electromagnetic communication between the brain and all cells in the body, is made by a subtle connection of electromagnetic nature and in real time. This demonstrates that the only time we have is now. Everything happens in the present moment.
For you to move the energy you need to put attention on that manifestation, be it emotional or mental physics. We know that the human being is mental, and that mental activity controls the emotional and physiological part. That's why Jesus warned, "When you think of adulterating, you've tampered," "when you think of killing, you've already killed." When you think you move the mental energy and this one and it creates reality. So when we want to move energy in any part of our body, for example, we consciously take our attention to that part of the physical-etheric or emotional body. This procedure can be very effective in treating pain. Pain is a manifestation in the etheric body, signaling that there is some energy imbalance and that it needs attention.
In the Western world, as there is no such knowledge, people are conditioned to immediately take a remedy with the effect contrary to pain, which is the symptom, instead of initially analyzing what the cause of this effect is. Hence it transfers the responsibility of the cure to the remedy or to the doctor.
When you increase your breathing level, you also generate an increase in the vital energy you are wanting to move around.


TIONIntent is the way you, in the control of your free will, inform the universe, and the other realms what you would wish to occur to you in the future. It is a very powerful instrument and effective form of communication with the universe. Energetically, you print on the front of your aura an energy pattern signage, a mold or energetic matrix of what you want to share. This personal desire of your ego is perceived by your Higher Self, which is connected with the higher plane. If this is according to the divine plan, and within its possibilities for this life, the Higher Self amplifies the vibrational power of the electromagnetic signals of its frontal aura, which thus acquire a much greater potential, capable of becoming a powerful transmitter of that information to the universe, and thus, other people who are in that tune, perceive the vibration , and by the law of attraction or harmonic harmony, connect to you. Obsersando externally, it is as if there is a conspiracy of the universe, as Marylin Fergunson says in the Aquarian Conspiracy, or occurs the effect of synchronicity as identified by Carl Jung, or the great inexplicable coincidences that people have in your day to day, how you think of a person and she call you, or the phone ring and you know who is calling.
In a practical way, we observe this on a daily basis, in pessimistic and optimistic people. The former are usually tuned into negative intention, which will not work and the second in a positive way.
Consequently, the manifestation will occur according to deliberate intent. Imagine what the chance of victory for a negativist boxer, who goes into the fight thinking he will lose. You already know what the result will be. This is also called self-fulfilling prophecy: where actions are carried out in the direction of that realization. Then the person says, "Didn't I tell you this was going to h

appen?" EX

ERCISESWe will now practice a little this t

1- dor2- thumb of the right han
d3- put the hand above the palm of another perso

In the Western world, the collective unconscious, the paradigm prevailing in most of its population is of a great association of life only with the physical body, material, unlike the Western world where the mental pattern of understanding with this issue is of a complete, integral being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If you think a little you will see that you cannot isolate your feelings or thoughts from the rest of your life as a separate and independent thing. They are interconnected intrisically and can only be analyzed and treated as a whole. It is this mental block that must be exposed and eliminated. We are holistic beings, whole and integrated into the universe.
When we try to analyze the human being from another perspective or approach, we have a vision of an energetic being, vibrating harmoniously, in resonance with each of the atoms of the "physical" body being and interacting in an environment of other beings on the material plane, whether of mineral, plant, animal or human origin. In addition we are in tune with the earth itself, which has immense and varied electromagnetic fields, such as the force of gravity, which consists of the electromagnetic attraction between the electron in the valencia layer of each atom and the iron crystal core in the center of the earth and the magnetic fields of the earth that can be measured through a compass , which indicates the position of the magnetic pole located in the vicinity of the geographic pole in the Arctic region in the northern hemisphere.
At the same time, we are resonating with our emotions, mental processes and other vibrations of more subtle origin, which we call spiritual. When we are balanced with our emotional and mental vibrations we say that we are in a Zen or Alpha state, which are quiet situations obtained when meditating or in quieter states of consciousness. The same process occurs with our friendships and relationships. There has to be a harmonic resonance for such relationships to continue. And similarly, with people we don't match there's a harmonic distortion.
Today's Western medical science is already beginning to realize that it is not possible to separate the biological, physical-chemical, three-dimensional human being from its energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual components. It is already being proven unquestionably, through various statistical and laboratory research that the human being is an integral, holistic being, and that his physical health situation is completely dependent on his social, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.
In this way, the human being must be treated in a complete way, from his energetic, vibrational and electromagnetic body, represented by emotions and mental processes, which directly affect the somatic, three-dimensional body.


ROMAGNETICThis description although conceptually correct, is described in a very elementary way, for ease of understanding for those who have not yet had the opportunity to study on this subject. For those who want a deeper, there is a lot of literature about it.
The following model is the clearest way to define the human being, multidimensional as he really is. A good way to understand the human being is to make a parallel with the various layers of an onion, although each body pierces those below it, in vibrational terms. Since each layer of the onion means an energetic vibrational level.1- Physic

al BodyIt is th
e inner part, the core of the onion, three-dimensional, physiological.
This is what we identify with him, the three-dimensional being observed by our physical senses. It is composed of the basic elements of nature, earth, water, air and fire. A mass of meat around a bone structure. It is not the skeleton that gives the human being firmness, that keeps him upright. The proof of this is that we don't stand when we're anesthetized, passed out or slept. Who give the energy and vitality to this mass is the next layer of the human body, called the etheric body.2-Eth

eric BodyThis e
nergetic layer makes the interface, the bridge between the physical body and the other bodies more subtle above, of higher vibration. It is also known as double-etheric as it functions as a copy of the somatic body. It has a fundamental importance for human health.
This is the first layer that surrounds and pierces the physical body. Although its consistency is energetic, it is quite materialized, and is about one to two centimeters around the body surface. The feeling of pain is felt in this part of our multidimensional body. Exercise: How to feel the energy of this body.
This energy can be felt as follows: in a quiet environment, make a shell with the palm of your left hand, and place the indicator of the right hand about an inch from the center of the palm of the left hand. Make a slow motion with your fingertip and you will feel a small vibration in the palm of your hand. This is the perception of your etheric body. It is this energy that gives us physical vitality. Anesthesia is a violent chemical process that expelthe etheric body from our physical body, so surgeries can be performed painlessly. This same effect occurs in traumatic accidents and whenever we sleep.
This energy layer disappears about thirty days after the "death" of the physical body, and can be seen in cemeteries as a subtle flame that is called "fable fire"
O etheric body contains the energetic matrix, intelligence, or preloaded programs that control the physical body, all its functions and physiological activities.
All balances or imbalances that occur in the mental and emotional bodies are reflected vibrationally in the etheric body, and this as is the interface, the coupling between the subtle bodies, the energetic part and the physical part, three-dimensional, if not properly harmonized will later manifest the imbalance in the physical vehicle, generating what is called disease. These imbalances are easily identified in the analysis of chakras.
The main indicator of imbalance is pain or malaise, physical, emotional or mental. Pain needs to be seen as a warning from God, indicating precisely the place of the physical body that has just unbalanced and that needs attention and an emergency action of re-balancing.
Just the fact that you stop and take your consciousness to the site of pain will already promote an awakening of your own body for an improvement.
The manifestation of pain always begins in the etheric body, which has the energetic channels connected with the brain to warn that in the large system called the human body there was an area that had the alarm triggered and that it becomes necessary a safety inspection and appropriate actions, to prevent this from spreading through the rest of the organ complex. Pain is always a message of nature, an alert of the soul, a call from God. The problem that occurs in the Western world, with allopathic medicine, where everything is chemically treated, with exclusive action in the chemical system of the physical organism, is intervened in physical issues, as well as emotional and mental and sometimes even spiritual crisis.
I am defining as spiritual crisis two distinct situations: 1) influence of beings of the fourth dimension (disembodied spirits) and 2) a loss of connection of personality (ego) with a Higher Self, which causes a separation of Unity, generating the so-called crises such common existences in the current world and that will only increase exponentially if the person does not follow the energetic evolution of the planet earth.
Western medicine used the remedy in order to mask the effect of pain, through the anti-something, instead of acting on the cause of the effect.
The result is this situation of chaos in which the "modern" humanity of today lives, which specializes in everything but knowing a minimum of the most fundamental in its life that is the body itself, the vessel that carries its spiritual essence, which is the eternal and fundamental in its journey on
the face of this planet.yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Emotional BodyThis is the next energetic layer and where our emotions are housed vibrating , our feelings. As it directly affects our physical body, it is the first level in the hierarchy of our bodies it is critical that we have good control of this subtle body so that it does not affect us negatively. It also known as astral body, the body of the star. Later we will better understand the reason for this name. The plane corresponding to this body is called Astral Plane and has an energetic vibration of fourth dimension (4D), dual, good and evil, light and darkness, etc.

4-Mental BodyI
t is the last layer of the individualized human body. It contains the energies that process thoughts and ideas. It is the generator of thought-forms. So far the laws of duality, of opposites, apply. This is the world of personality, of the ego, with which we identify and believe that we are just that.

These are identified as the four lower bodiesAt th

is point I would like to make an association of the human being with a computer system as we know it today.
These four lower bodies can be compared with a personal computer, with its mechanical part, and electronics, memory, processor, but without is connected to the internet. This means that all processing, and information must be processed internally and also maintained there, without connection with an external world, is isolated in itself, in a three-dimensional body. Imagine, you today have a computer that does not connect to the external world, as it was in the early days of the computer age. Similarly this is what happens to western man, trapped in the material, consumerist, three-dimensional world, without perception of the immense possibilities he possesses.
From now on, we will continue our journey of the human body:5-Spiri

tual Body or CausalThe spirit
ual body is the next layer of the onion that in addition to involving the entire ego-personality (the lower bodies), makes contact with the external world, with the spiritual world, with even more subtle vibrations.
This energetic layer is what "physically" delimits our aura, which is shaped like an ovoid.
Continuing our comparison to our computer, this is equivalent to placing the internet connection with a more comprehensive awareness. Let's imagine a non-physical connection, as already exists today, which is "wireless", through electromagnetic wave communication, through an antenna.. This communication is via intuition. This consciousness of the spiritual body is also known as the Higher Self, the Divine Spark, The Christic or Buddha-Christian, or our guardian angel, according to some religious teachings. It's our connection to God.
In physiological terms, this antenna is the pineal gland, which is a crystal, located in the center of our brain, and used only during medical examinations to locate the center of the brain. The pineal is energetically linked to an energetic center at the top of the head, called the corony chara, which aligns with the superior, or spiritual vibrations.
The pineal gland produces a hormone called melatonin, which regulates the sleeping process and is connected to the right meridian of the cerebral cortex, which processes intuitions, unconscious issues, the female side. This information is then transferred to the left meridian, logical and analytical, as highly developed in the Western world, especially in men.
Women, due to their feminine characteristics, have a more developed right meridian than men, on average.
Observations about indigo children who are being born on a large scale on earth have a greater balance between the two meridians.

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