With regard to mayan prophecies, of the greatest relevance, with in-depth studies on it, with several research books by various authorities, such as: José Argüelles and Alberto Beuttenmüller and others, which deal in detail with the science of mayan time, very seriously, scientifically demonstrating the information on the traiiinsformations planned for our planet from 21/12/2012.
With the discovery of my Cherokee origin, (Native American people, of origin of the stars called Pleiades) through memory regression techniques and also spontaneous memories of other experiences, I had access to the book "Voices of Our Ancestors", De Dhyani Ywahho, shambhala publishing, (Shambhala Publications, Inc, Boston –USA) , it is stated that after generations of secrecy among the Cherokkees themselves, it was decided to share their ancestral knowledge with the other races, depending on the new era that the earth would be entering, from August 16, 1987, where one would be leaving the last cycle of nine hells and entering a new cycle of thirteen paradises or heavens. This would be happening due to the movement of Venus, Mars, the earth around the sun, Syria and the Pleiades. When we analyze the ancestral knowledge of nature of other races, other than the dominant white, such as the ancient Egyptians, with their pyramids perfectly aligned with other stars of the cosmos, the Mayan peoples, with their ancient secrets, we have to use common sense and begin to question the "modern" science currently existing. To this day there is no idea how the various pyramids were built with their pieces of huge parts that to this day there is no equipment capable of moving them. Or did they have other knowledge of how to eliminate the force of gravity, still unknown today from our "modern" civilization, specializing in the generation of weapons of war, to consummate the killings of human beings across the planet?
Summarizing all this evidence, it seems that we are privileged in so many thousands of years to be exactly now having the opportunity to live on earth. And I am convinced that we will not have many alternatives, and that the year 2012 will be a chaos, regardless of whether or not any planetary event occurs, because although the official media does not mention anything about it yet, there will be no chance of there not being a climate of concern as we move towards 2012.
Therefore, it is best to prepare to face this great event, since we have no other alternative, because I do not see the possibility in such a short term of changing planets.

Another fundamental issue with regard to time is that it is should be seen as an energy that only manifests itself in the here and now. We only have the present time, to build our lives, every moment.
Perhaps the most serious issue for the disconnection of the human being, with the circular, real time, and with the abstraction of a linear, mechanical time, mechanically controlled by a clock and an artificial calendar, as is the case of the Gregorian calendar (in honor of Pope Gregory ????) that at the Council of Trent (a city of Italy) in 1556 ???, defined the calendar to be followed by the colonies (countries) controlled by the Roman Apostolic Catholic Church.
This is perpetuated to this day, where we have a calendar totally unbound from nature, which works in cycles of seven days, (days of the week, phases of the moon, colors of the rainbow, musical notes, amount of chakras in the human body, gestation of the human being, animals and plants), and we have months of 28, 29, 30 and 31 days, artificially created arbitrarily that contributed to unlink the human being from nature and consequently from his connection with God.
Whereas all other peoples, for example: Jews, Indians, Islamic peoples, use a 28-day lunar calendar, completely aligned with the reality of nature, the question remains in the air: Why have they changed? And if they moved out of ignorance of the remote time of the Council of Trent, then why didn't you fix such a great mistake that so deeply affects the human consciousness with respect to its connection to nature and divinity? The answer is obvious. It was deliberately changed to drive the human being away from God and his divinity and keep him prisoner from the chains of control of the church, through fear, the feeling of guilt and shame, and especially through ignorance of the functioning of nature, of science, for this wisdom leads man directly to his divinity, it is a connection with his Higher I and consequently , to God. Stop reading now and think about it. If you want to delve into this subject, I recommend the book The Time and the Technosphere – the Law of time in human relations of José Arguelles, Ph.D, madras publishing house.

In this book José Arguelles states(pg 16,):

While the Western conception of time is linear and affirms an uninterrupted rise towards a progressively technological and mechanistic future, the science of Mayan time asserts itself in the knowledge of time as the universal factor of synchronization. Western conception is not in accordance with the real cyclical and chronic nature and so the entire state of Western civilization is doomed to reach its own point of bankruptcy

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