Eduardo Chianca (2020-03/31)

O M.A.P. it is a heavenly gift with the purpose of helping all mankind to go through the flowing energies that are coming to our planet and bringing unexpected transformations, which at first bring pain and suffering, as a proof or initiation of warrior, and then enter a new dimension of consciousness.
In order to evaluate and understand this process, apparently so exotic to ordinary minds, it is necessary to form a basis of understanding for our cognitive mind to understand, accept and put into action.
We are experiencing a phase of energy transition in our solar system and on planet Earth in particular, affecting beings from all realms, from mineral to human and angelic.
It is foresight or premonition of what is now taking place in the present time, at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, was outlined in the last book of the Christian New Testament, where Jesus and other cosmic consciences, through his disciple John, published the enigmatic and mysterious book entitled "The Apocalypse", or Revelation, which was for us "decoded", but the time has not yet come for its publication.
In recent times, this began in 1987, with a planetary alignment with the constellation of Pleiades (the Harmonic Convergence), and reversed more intensely from 2012, with thousands of books, videos, and one million sites on the Internet, about "the end of the world", based mainly on the Mayan calendar and channelings of beings of Light, which emerged from the higher dimensions , 5D, 6D, in addition to our old acquaintance of three-dimensionality of matter (3D), and astral plane (4D), that we go there every night when we sleep and when we drop our physical wrap, when we die. This "end of the world", of a cycle that has lasted for millennia, refers to the end of materialism, as the goal of life, which brings selfishness, wars and so many other evils that imprison and hypnotize human souls, diverting them from their primary purpose of coming to this planet, which is of spiritual evolution in the angelic direction.
In previous moments of the human journey on earth, we had the enlightening help of great consciousnesses, known as avatars, such as Krisnha, Buddha, Lao Tsu, Confucius, Francis of Assisi and Jesus, who incarnated and walked together with the humanity of this planet.
Then, in this new scenario emerged transcendent figures, known as Pleiadianos, Sirians, Arcturians and others, seeking to help the humanity they want, because the free will of each one needs to be respected, to make the crossing of the "planetary transition", and began to emerge several holistic therapies originating from these beings of Light, belonging to a spiritual hierarchy known as the Great White Fraternity. On the internet you will find millions of sites on these topics.


Seeking to bring up you theme so out of our everyday reality, I will share my own experience in this subject.
After 21 years of search and spiritual longing, in 2006, I came into connection with the Pleiadianos, "angels" or beings of Light, originating from the Pleiades, and thus came the therapy of "Frequencies of Light", where they help in a co-creative way help in the harmonization of chakras, auric field (the subtle bodies). There are several therapies in several countries, originated by beings of Light, as well as messages and teachings of higher order of the plane of truth, of cosmic, divine laws.
In 2017, while in a "spiritual retreat" in prisons in Russia I was contacted telepathically by the Sirians bringing a contribution to the Frequency of Light as well as a new spiritual program, M.A.P., whose main function is to do an energetic cleansing in the cerebellum (part of the reptilian brain), where the primordial traumas and fears, unconscious of past living, which negatively affect the immune system and the level of consciousness at the present moment are recorded. For example, we are in the middle of a pandemic of the corona virus, and even greater, an emotional pandemic of fear of dying. A large part of the emotional pandemic has its origins in other pandemics, such as the Spanish flu, which claimed the lives of some 50 million people in 1919, and others earlier. Unconscious fear or trauma brings a devastating unconscious response to our immune system and our health, generating a self-fulfilling prophecy.
So I hope I have contributed to open your mind and expand our consciousness, because Covid-19, is the opening of new challenges, which we choose to pass on this planet, because we are not here by chance. We are because we choose to continue on this planet, in a phase of regeneration, which will last several generations, until the general cleaning is done, separating the "tares of wheat", where the "tares" will enter magnetic resonance with low vibration of the planet Absinthe (see book apocalypse) or Nibiru and for it will be dragged, continuing its evolutionary journey on a later planet.
After the biological, atmospheric and emotional storms that will still come, we will have "a new humanity and a new land", where peace, love, justice and truth reign.
It is important to remember and reverse emphasize that from the perspective of higher consciousnesses, such as beings of Light, the emphasis is always on the evolution of the soul, which includes several incarnations and several generations. For this reason, in the book Revelation, it refers to a long period, symbolized by "1000 years", of transition, between the present moment, "of atonement and trials", with the predominance of evil, to that of "regeneration", of purification, until reaching the future goal, of the "ascension", of the return to the divine laws, of Love and Truth.
This seems like a utopia, but it is not, for what happens is that much of humanity has lost memory (of the various lives or incarnations past) and has forgotten its sacredness, by disconnecting from the Higher I.
In conclusion, this brings us an unequivocal signal that we are starting a new phase of planet Earth and its humanity, and if on the one hand we have corrective actions, to increase its level of consciousness (corona virus, for example), we also have a spiritual help for a critical condition, as gave a person sinking into a swamp, which the more we debate , more sinks, so it becomes necessary an external agent that provides an instrument of salvation. It is this dramatic situation that lives the current Aryan race, forgotten the purpose of their animic journey on earth and mentally imprisoned by materialism, transient in principle.
Stop for a moment and reflect on it in your life!!!

This program is totally a manifestation of the beings of Light, which is being disseminated on the planet through various channels, and, also they act directly helping people who accept their service, because they COMPLETELY respect the free will of every human being.
NO M.A.Q., as well as in light frequency therapy, multidimensional by principle has the following performances:
PLEIADIANOS (5D)- act at the level of the magnetic field, chakras and subtle bodies, in the dimension of the mental plane. Invocation Mantra (sound in Portuguese).: Hello- There (3 times).
CHEROKEES (4D)- act on the astral plane, making the cleanings and transmutations of disarmed emotional energies. Mantra (sound in Portuguese).:Akita-Mani-Yo (3 times). There is also the help of other ethnicity of native red skins, in the astral plane.
SIRIANS (6D)- these beings protect the planet Earth, but this is highly affected in its atmosphere by the irradiations of humanity, by emotions and mainly by the unconscious, primordial fear of catastrophic events that have occurred on the planet since time immemorial, which are recorded as triggers in the Cerebellum, the ancestral memory, in the reptylian brain. Mantra (sound in Portuguese).:Yá-Yumá (3 times)


If so, say your personal prayers, which increase the auric vibration.
There is a universal, suprareligious prayer, which we recommend: THE GREAT INVOCATION. (in Annex 1)
There is a divine economy as well as complete respect for the free will of every human being, so it is necessary for them to be called or invoked.
Making the mantras, audible to you: Hello- There (3 times), Akita-Mani-Yo (3 times), Yá-Yumá (3 times). This signals to the beings of Light as their permission, according to their free will.
In reality, they capture our thought that precede sproper invocation.

Learn to recognize these angelic beings as our heavenly sister-sisters, sent by the Great White Fraternity, the Spiritual Hierarchy, where the Ascension Masters act, like the beloved Master Jesus the Christ, and so many others, to help us on the evolutionary journey of our souls in this little orb.
It is recommended to place your intentions for what you want to be worked by the spiritual team, on a physical, emotional or mental level. What is always done are cleansing, purifying our auric field, and consequently expanding our level of consciousness.

It occurs while we are sleeping, with the soul (auric field) floating in the astral plane, already in a state of consciousness higher than the wakefulness. Also in the state of sleep, we are in the brain frequency "Theta" and immersed in the powerful electromagnetic field, of very high vital energy.
Sleep is one of the four pillars for good health, holistically speaking, because that is where we recharge the "our battery" (the etheric body) of vital energy.
Our lower mental, cognitive and intellectual aspect loves to create expectation and promote judgments based on aspects of immediate physical-chemical reactions. Therefore, it is fundamental that we do not create any expectations or anxiety, because we are entering into another paradigm of subtle energies, which follow the cycles of nature, micro and macrocosmic. The changes that will occur manifest in "homeopathic doses", slowly and progressively, bringing more emotional balance and mental clarity.
You don't usually remember what happened, but the sign that something positive has occurred. These are the feelings we have upon awakening: such as joy, gratitude, a feeling of presence, peace and love.
In general the person "feels lighter", due to the harmonization of his auric field.

Do for 108 days, evaluating each week its evolution. If you happen to miss any time, simply continue until you complete this cycle.
Follow your Intuition.

When the person demonstrates consistency and persistence in the spiritual program, due to the use that occurs in his auric field the person retains some memories of events in which he participated. It is important to witness these memories as a divine gift that you are receiving and, which works, as a catalyst that empowers the disciple or adept in the evolutionary journey of the soul, allowing him to express himself safely, authority and power by having already walked a journey and is seeking to set an example that encourages other beings, each on his path of search and transformation. It is important to pay attention to the development of Intuition, with more "insights", and emergences of new ideas, which comes coated with mental clarity and a sense of power. This is a sign of the message that comes from the level of the spirit, The Higher I, which creates the possibility of paradigm shifts, taking the person out of a comfort zone and launching himself, with courage, into an evolutionary journey.
Please disclose to all people who are in this cosmic tune.
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From the point of Light in God's mind, flow Light to human minds;
that the Light will go down the earth.
From the point of love in God's heart,
love flows to human hearts;
divine energies return to earth.
From the center where God's will is known,
guide the purpose all small human wills;
the purpose that the Ascension Masters know and what they serve.
From the center we call the human race, fulfill the plan of Love and Light,
And that you see the portal through which evil comes.
May light, love, and power restore the divine plan on earth.
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