Alert: the syndrome on the left side!

"In the beginning, every new Truth is denied, then ridiculed until it becomes that truth that everyone knows."
William James, father of American Transpersonal Psychology.

"I will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free."
"It's easier to disintegrate an atom than a human prejudice."
Albert Einstein.

I want to share this proven Pleiadiano knowledge, experimentally, in thousands of cases in the therapeutic practice of Light Frequencies. This syndrome directly affects indigo beings, the Workers and Warriors of Light in the service of the Great White Brotherhood, with a fundamental mission in the planetary transition. Anyone who is not a light worker or is trapped in old archetypes or limiting religious beliefs will probably not understand this text, will find it a science fiction, but it is not.
The term Syndrome is used in traditional allopathic medicine, materialistic, Cartesian and Newtonian, to indicate an aggregate of signs and symptoms associated with the same pathology or disease and which together define the diagnosis and clinical picture of a condition of imbalance.
We will use this same term in a holistic, quantum, holographic, natural medicine, integral, shamanic, pleianic perspective with the aim of general alert, because a large portion of humanity, especially the Indigo race, is suffering from this very serious disease that is being diagnosed, erroneously, as another disease by allopathic medicine or some vital symptoms for holistic health are not being valued.

1- Our connection with the vibrations and superior dimensions of consciousness occurs through the crown's crown chakra or chakra, at the top of the head, which makes the connection of the Ego, dual, with free will, of the third and fourth dimensions, of the states of wakefulness and sleep, respectively, with the Higher Self, at the level of the fifth dimension, of Truth, of Light and without free will , for there, as Master Jesus said, we follow the "Will of the Father". We follow the path of our planetary and cosmic mission, free from the world of beliefs, archetypes, old limiting paradigms and dogmas. To represent this connection, "antakarana" in Sanskrit, the saints have a halo on their head, the pope wears Crown, the Buddha has the heap of hair and the red-skinned chief uses a beautiful heal of feathers.

2- This chakra, or energetic vortex, tunes the frequency in the violet color that emanates from the white light of the sun, generated in its last energetic layer, called Corona, hence the reason of the coronary name, and is connected to the pineal gland, in the center of our head.

3- Pineal is an endocrine gland that releases a hormone called melatonin, which puts us to sleep, that is, it takes us to the fourth dimension, the astral plane. The pineal presents the crystalline structure of the apatite crystal and functions as a cellular antenna, connecting us to a "local operator" called I Superior, chained with a "central operator" called God.

4- According to the book Vibrating Medicine, by physician Richard Gerber, modern neuroscience demonstrates that the pineal gland is connected to the right cerebral hemisphere, which is responsible for intuition, holistic, spatial, playful, feminine, yin, creativity, responsible for our "reconnect" to our christlike multidimensionality, to a higher consciousness.

5 – We know from traditional medicine that the right cerebral hemisphere controls the left side of the body and the left hemisphere controls the right side. As today's humanity is mostly right-handed and 98% of people in the Western world use the right hand we can deduce that they are dominated by the left cerebral hemisphere, which is our logical, linear, mathematical, three-dimensional, physical survival side.

6- We also know that several "modern" habits block the corony chakra, and from this we have experience as a light frequency therapist, because we have the opportunity and the ability to "measure" with a pendulum, the energy balance is of all chakras.

7- Among the habits, or rather, vices, which block the corony chakra, stand out:

A – consumption of red meat (barbecue, McDonalds), originating from mammalian animals that have an emotional brain and generate adrenaline and other low vibration toxins;
B – consumption of coca-cola, with its secret formula, containing cavalal doses of caffeine, sugar and salt, in addition to cocaine;
C – consumption of alcoholic beverages;
D – caffeine consumption in general and,
And – too much exposure to TV shows, because magnetic irradiation affects the physical brain in addition to anesthetize the mind and consciousness, because one is in a state of passivity where, the eyes do not even move.
Consequently, any blockage or alteration in the right hemisphere will affect the left side of the body. The most representative symptoms of left-sided syndrome that are not perceived by traditional medicine or valued by people are as follows:

1- Changes in the left eye. The eyes are extremely sensitive and function as important sensors of brain imbalances. Pain is a manifestation in the etheric body, it is a warning that something is not correct. Pay attention and you will see that the following symptoms present more in the left eye than in the right: seeing less, scratching, tearing, twinge, vision of "mist", pain and diseases in general.
2- Signs in the Heart. "Twinge" or arrhythmias in the heart, high blood pressure and a feeling of healy or anguish in the chest.
3- On the left breast. In the case of women, breasts are very sensitive to the energy imbalances of the right hemisphere (female) and have twinges, nodules and many more cases of cancer than in the right breast. Often the woman "feels" that something is not well, goes to the doctor who discovers nothing, because the disease is still at the energy level, more subtle, and has not yet manifested itself in the physical body.
4- Diabetes. The main part of the pancreas, called the head, sits on the left side of the abdomen and is affected by lack of vital energy.
5- Constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. The exit of the feces from our body is processed by the descending colon of the large intestine, which is on the left side of the body, at the height of the iliac bone.
I consider constipation one of the most treacherous diseases that exist, because it is not valued with a very serious disease, which generates a huge list of other physical diseases, including cancer of the uterus is left ovary. They're in the same energy plexus. Women who have constipation have difficulty becoming pregnant or lose the fetus. From an energetic point of view, one should evacuate after each meal, as children and animals do. When we eat a meal begin the peristaltic movements that expel the contaminated garbage (feces) of the previous meal. Those who defecate only once a day suffer from constipation.
Among the womb prison-generating foods are ice cream products in general (water, soft drinks, beers, ice cream, among others – few people know this), red meats, normally dark refined products, sugar, wheat chemically manipulated with highly harmful acids to be white – for me, at best, a racist environmental attitude but probably a "market action" to generate diseases and sell medicines , because it is the same international groups that control both food technology and pharmaceutical laboratories, as well as industrialized products in general and food with pesticides.

6- Pain in the left knee. The knees are also very sensitive, There are much more pains and diseases in the left knee than in the right.
7- 'Tiredness', varicose veins, ischemia, circulation problems and pain more often in the left leg.
We know that the energetic flow in the etheric body, between the sky, our divine component, the Upper I, connected to the crown chakra, and the mother earth, Gaia, equates to the following "circuit or energy flow", with energies circulating from top to bottom and vice versa: coronary chakra, pineal gland, right cerebral hemisphere, the entire left side of the body and the energies of mother earth entering by the left foot. When you have this normal functioning circuit, the human being is with a multidimensional consciousness in a preliminary state of illumination. The symbolism of the pope and the priests with the crown on his head and the staff on his left hand means that he is connected between heaven and earth. Soon, the Catholic Church knows this. Although I'm not part of any sectarian society, I know masonry knows it, too. (see the book called "His Majesty the Left Foot", edited by Trolha).
If the high dome of the Catholic Church and Freemasonry know this and there is the connection Church – Freemasonry – Illuninati (see the work of David Icke) with the secret societies (which will be the subject of another article), the elite of the New World Order and the Hidden Government, consequently also know the international pharmaceutical laboratories that created the disease industry.
This simple energy blockade generates a criminal business of billions of dollars promoting the magnetic blockade of the ring ing chakra, causing the person to be disconnected from his Higher I ethos and trapped in the world of matter, from the archetypes that are controlled from the fourth dimension by the Annunakis (as well explained in the Book Agenda Pleiadiana da Bárbara Hand Clow, from madras). Enlightening those who do not yet know, the Annunakis are the inhabitants of the planet Nibiru, Marduk, Planet X, Hercopubus, and are the "gods" of the Old Testament, Hebrew, whose King Annunaki, Annun, an incarnate extraterrestrial, is the Messiah expected by the Hebrews, aboard the planet Nibiru, with a scheduled date of return to earth for the year 2040, according to researcher Sylvia Browne , on page 68 of the book "O Fim dos Tempos", by Editora Prumo. The approach of the planet Nibiru with orbit of our planet, in the solar system, every 3,600 years and the relationship of its extraterrestrial inhabitants, Annunakis/Sumerians, with the gods of the Old Jewish Testament are well grounded in the translation of the Tablites of Sumeria, scattered in several European museums, in the monumental and presented in the work of Dr. Sacheria Sitchin, a NASA researcher, in his books "The 12th Planet" and "Genesis Revisited", which I emphatically recommend to those who want to lift the veil of ignorance that was intentionally placed by the "chosen people of God", on the childish consciences of the Western world, through the mental control of Jewish-Roman philosophy, from the myths manipulated in the Jewish-Christian "Holy Bible".

As a consequence of this blockade, of this syndrome, people lose the magnetic "anchoring" between the Sun and the Earth, and the following symptoms are presented in the Lightworkers who have, as their mission, to be connected to the Higher Self, to receive the information of the spiritual hierarchy, via divine intuitions:
Existential emptiness, panic syndrome, bi-polarity, "borderline", schizophrenia, visions of disembodied spirits of low vibration, nightmares, dreams "falling", nightmares, escape from reality through the consumption of licit drugs (alcoholic beverages, stimulants of the type Red Bull and Burn of Coca-Cola) and illicit (marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and others manufactured artificially), fear of sleeping and dark, only managing to fall asleep after three hours in the morning Obsession.
There is another very serious problem that is SEXUAL VAMPIRIZATION DURING SLEEP. This symptom affects younger women and homosexual boys more. There is an energy theft caused by disembodied beings, sex addicts, during our sleep, whose main symptoms are: sleeping a lot, waking up exhausted, nightmares with "disgusting" or falling things, dark circles and lack of libido in the third dimension. In such cases, people are afraid to sleep because they unconsciously know that they will be 'sexually abused' during sleep. When one loses this energetic anchoring the person also loses free will in the fourth dimension that has no walls but vibrational bands. Usually it all starts with erotic stimulation, an erotic dream and I have documented cases of girls affected by these types of abuse from the age of seven. These dark beings respect no one. It's absurd.
In the Light Frequencies therapy where we work with 35 chakras, for now, we observed that usually, the following chakras are obstructed: the coronary, the right cerebral hemisphere, the left eye, the two breasts (they are part of the second chakra, the sexual, and not the cardiac, because the breasts are sexual organs), the sexual chakra and two others in the same plexus , measured on the sides of the iliac bone), the chakra of the left knee and the left ankle, where an artificial energetic implant is usually placed by obsessive beings of the astral plane.
I have successfully used the Light Frequency Technique, of Pleiaian origin to resolve the blockage on the left side and any type of chakra block. As long as this technique is not available throughout the planet, I recommend that the various recommendations suggested here be followed. I am also available to take this therapy where it is of interest in a simple and economical way.
Anyone who is aware of cases that apply to what has been described here and want to give a true statement, please inform me that I will publish them on our site to be shared with others and make a liberating wave of this terrible imprisonment of beings of Light. I am also willing to guide free of charge all those who contact me with this type of problem. That's my mission.

Pleiadian hugs,

Eduardo. (João Pessoa – PB, Brazil, on September 14, 2009)