THE NEW ERAWho first observed this phenomenon at the planetary level was an international speaker named Lee Carrol, and wrote the first book entitled "Indigo Children" in the early 1990s. During his lectures in several countries he was asked about some children who were being born with different and common characteristics throughout the planet. These characteristics, are of great intelligence, sensitivity to human feelings and emotions, especially of the family, a lot of spiritual maturity and at the same time very questioning and challenging, not accepting the authority of parents and teachers naturally. This has generated a number of conflicts both in the family and in schools. More than ninety percent of the children who are being born across the planet, in all social classes, since the year 2000, are of this category. It is these children who will populate and transform this planet if our generation of politicians do not destroy it before, through the destruction of the planet's climate or war.
This has generated two fundamental problems, which deserve everyone's attention.
The first refers to the issue of health, both physical and emotional. We can say that these children already "come from the factory" with a new energetic vibration, different from their parents and the whole generation that is now incarnated on earth. These children already have the programmed DNA of birth adapted to the new higher vibrations of vital energy, which is increasing significantly from 1987, in the event called harmonic convergence and will reach the apex from 2012. We can say that it has a higher vibrational purity and is therefore very sensitive to all the chemicals that is present in all the food of the "modern" civilization. This artificial, chemical feeding, present in soft drinks, snacks, and especially in embedded products, hamburger type, hot dog, etc., and red meats, have a very low vibrational energy that generates several diseases, such as allergies, diabetes mellitus 1, cancer and many others, in addition to a high level of stress in the child. This information is ignored by official science, or by ignorance or by default, because all these diseases constitute a huge market of billions of dollars that affects the business interests of many people, from professionals who prescribe allopathic drugs, chemists, international pharmaceutical laboratories, which in each drug, a disease industry, making billions of dollars. For this, see the section on placebo effect.
The second problem refers to the issue of lack of attention and hyperactivity that erroneously characterizes these children of light. As most schools have inadequate curricula for these children, it is boring, because they are much more advanced to what is being exposed, they lose attention, and often act very actively, by the very high energy chart they have and are being confused with a disease called ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and being medicated with a remedy called Ritalina , the drug of obedience and is generating a new class of young people called ritalin generation. In Brazil, in 2006, ritalin consumption was more than one million boxes and in the United States. We can say that if Jesus, St. Francis or St. Teresa D'Avila were born at this time they would be immediately doped with ritalin to decrease the level of activity and spirituality. Although these children are visible in all families at present, they are ignored by most of our pediatricians, who label them hyperactive and prescribe Ritalin. I recommend that you search the internet on the subject, as well as see the multiple books already available on this topic in several countries, including Brazil.
In short, children of indigo blue aura, hence the title, are the new fact at the planetary level, which is part of the preparation for the new era.Because of this, we must reverse the roles, for they have much more to teach us, especially in spiritual terms, than the other way around. Another characteristic of them, is the memory of the last incarnation until the age of six, and I recommend that in a quiet way, ask them as follows: "How was he(or her) before, when he was big? Do not speak in terms of incarnation or another life, because these concepts do not yet exist with these terminologies. And also ask about what mission they have in this life… you will be surprised at the answers to come.
They should be treated as beings of light, with natural food, without chemicals, and in cases of disease, give preference to energy therapies, holistic, or homeopathy and try to avoid therapies based on chemical remedies.
According to the address below, there are legal actions against the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and the makers of Ritalin, as a conspiracy to invent and promote a disease, ADHD to create a market

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