Eduardo Chianca (03/07/2020)
The term "servitude" refers to the human condition of being a servant of a lord, which is a softer form of slavery. This condition has been used throughout human history as a form of domination.
It usually becomes difficult for a person to understand their own human situation, so I recommend that you read this short text with an open mind and draw your own conclusions after your reflections.
1 We are in a planetary moment, at the beginning of the Aquarian Era, where there has been a real existential tsunami, with a growing portion of humanity questioning itself about its purpose as an incarnated human being on this planet.
2- This existential crisis does not originate at the level of matter, physical things, such as profession, family, etc., but rather as a demand for a psychological, transcendent, soul or spiritual level.
This has caused a number of imbalances, such as anxiety, existential emptiness, stress, depression, etc.,
which is a true pandemic, especially in the Western world, where money, professional career, success, status and externally projected image are the main vectors indicators of a life of "happiness".
3-We can affirm that these motivational factors dominate the beginning of the person's life up to the range of around 35 to 40 years, when the natural decay begins in physiological terms and a glimpse that half of life has already gone, and, from there, n person begins his internal and transcendent questions, which can lead him to a new state of consciousness.
4-When one observes clearly, we realize that much of life has taken place in a state of servitude, in the service of something external, and, most often to the ego itself, which dominates the greater being, the Higher Self, our divine essence, which continues with the disappearance or death of the physical body.
5-Of course, in order to have a dignified life, so that there is freedom from the point of view of the incarnate soul, who comes to this planet in an evolutionary and temporary mission (throughout several incarnations) there is a minimum level of material resources, so that this situation can manifest itself, to a life of holistic health (physical, emotional, mental) and in peace of a spiritual perspective.
But the opposite has no limit and the ego, to fill its own existential emptiness, desperately seeks to have more and more, unlimitedly, transforming the person into a slave to his own business or professional career.
6-For the liberation of the soul from the yoke of dominant servitude, of materialism, superfluous in most cases, which is so immense that it becomes difficult to perceive its scope and influence in our life, it is necessary a deep reflection and meditation. In many situations this occurs by the imposition of the forces of nature that are manifestation as diseases and other discomforts or other "road accidents", such as accidents, large losses and other synchronicities that help the person to see the reality of life and thus be able to wake up and free themselves from servitude.
7-Human servitude, with the enslavement of the soul, becomes difficult to be perceived in its entirety, as the parable of the blind describing an elephant, because it involves political, religious and national ideologies, as is masterfully described by the great German philosopher Max Weber in his masterful work entitled "Protestant ethics and the principles of capitalism". In this context it is clear how the ruling elites control the masses or the "servants" using the name of Jesus of God in a brainwashing unprecedented in the history of mankind, where money has become the new deity to be worshipped, especially in western economies and pentecostal and neo-Pentecostal religions.
We are currently in a pandemic that kills rampant, but the great concern of several countries is with the economy and GDP, which are in the hands of a privileged minority that has already been protected, to the detriment of a majority who suffer and die silently.
8- In conclusion, this pandemic and the risk of potential death brings a fruitful condition for a deep reflection at the level of the soul, on its essence, which can only be understood when YOU, and no one else, respond from your heart, (not from your mind, which mind, and which has been manipulated), and have answer to the three philosophical questions that every human being needs to know : Who Am I? What am I doing here? Where am I going to go?
Good Journey!!!
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