are not in a new era because our astrological calendar is telling us, because we left the Pisces era in the year 2000 and entered the era of Aquarius or entered the 3rd Millennium. The calendar used in the Western world was created artificially by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar in the year 46 BC and then was modified again at the Council of Trent, of
the Igre These dates are not important from a conceptual and nature point of view, because it is a calendar and artificial time, created initiallyFr
om a general way there are many references on a New Era in all religions , as the return of their respective avatars to earth, bringing a cycle of peace, justice, love and spirituality and a new phase of evolution to the human race and the planet. There are also the prophecies of Nostradamus, the messages of Our Lady, the prophecies of Pope John XXIII, and many other seers. Special attention deserves the Book of Revelation, the Revelation of the Apostle John, the last book of the Holy Christian Bible. At this period it is referred to as the end of a cycle or end times, always accompanied by great transformations and natural disasters, where it would be made the separation of the tares from the wheat and the judgment of humanity, where all are called, but few are chosen. There are many detailed interpretations of these classic books that we will not address. I do not want to take the importance of your messages, although we will focus here on other more scientific and newer sources, emphasizing other aspects that have not normally been addressed.

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