1- The moment you feel any pain, malaise or inesage, stop and make an intuitive analysis of the cause of this effect. Note the relationship between the pain or feeling of discomfort and the location of the chakra. Putting your hand on your heart helps make this intuitive connection with the intelligence of your inner and divine essence. You can trust your heart and your intuition, because it is your truth and is not trapped in the egoic concerns of your mind.2- On
ce you have identified the place of pain, it can be in front of or behind your body, it makes no difference. Breathe deeply, inhaling and letting the air out of your mouth. At expiration take your attention or your consciousness to the region of pain. Your mind will lead, in real time, this addition of vital energy present in your breath, to your etheric body, harmonizing its equivalent chakras. Do this breath seven times and you will immediately feel a relief from pain or discomfort.
3- This process will balance your chakra, restoring your normal coupling role between the various bodies and your control over the physical body.

This process, as you can see, is preventive and if you keep your chakras always harmonized with your various bodies always aligned you will notice that there will be no manifestation of diseases in your physical body. I believe that in the future, in the Western world, stuck in the model of transferring the cure to chemical remedies, they will only be necessary in cases of cuts or injuries, because the other harmonization treatments will be preventively in the subtle bodies.

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