WHY THE ATTRACTION TO DRUGS? (self-knowledge and expansion of consciousness)
We will see in the next topics, the main factors that led a significant portion of humanity, especially young people, to become dependent on chemical, licit and illicit drugs.
Rather, however, it is necessary to have a view of the so-called "reward system" or "nucleus accumbens", which a part of the reptilian brain brain, responsible for the automatic processes of the autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system that coordinate the automatic functioning of the human body. It is the feeling of pleasure generated in the nucleus accumbens, which seeks for the repetition of the sensation of sensory pleasure, even if then the person is aware, mental, that that addiction is harmful to his life. 

1 – Physiological: – The repeated use of chemical drugs, sometimes activating a part of the reptilian brain or brainstem, called the "reward system" or "nucleus accumbens", generating a sense of pleasure. As this brain controls the autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, in reality it controls the human being automatically, in addition to the conscious control of the rational mind.
For the release of slavery from an addiction it is essential that there is a firm mental will allied to an expansion of consciousness to recognize the harmful aspects of the drug in your life. As there is an apology to drugs in movies, news and the example of everyday life, the use of licit drugs has become "normal", because it is a passing source of generation of physical pleasure. This change of posture is fundamental to success, because there will be an "internal struggle", between the drug-addicted brain, which has the biological control of the autonomous system, at the organic level, and the rational, more subtle mind, which wants liberation. 
All available therapeutic tools should be used to aid in the process, knowing that willpower, an energy that comes from the spirit (Higher Self), is the most important, because it comes coated with power, a fundamental condition for the awakening of consciousness. The physical aspects, but also, emotional and mental, corroding and intoxicating the human soul, whose purity is indispensable to elevate its magnetic vibration, which leads the person, naturally to vibrate in new magnetic fields, more sutís.

2 – Historical: From the Industrial Revolution begun in the mid-18th century, in England which at that time was the dominant British empire and controlled large parts of the planet, giving birth to capitalism on one side and the work on the other.It was in England that the massive use of narcotics was initiated as a form of mental control, through the anesthesia of the population, which generated the "Opium War", between England and
china, which at the time was dominated by the British empire.. 
Along with this financial structure, another of religious origin was added, based on the religious principles of Calvinism, where material wealth was an indicated, a sign that the richer the person, in financial terms, the closer he was to God. This ideology was highly attractive to capitalism, factory owners, who treated their employees like slaves, in terrible working conditions.We recommend the current reading of the book by the philosopher Max Weber, entitled "The Protestant ethics and the principle of capitalism", which was considered the main book of the 20th century.
These same dynasties remain in charge of the capitalist world to this day, such as the Rothschild's, and others, participants of the "Bilderberg Club".
It was this combination of capitalism and Calvinism that generated the immersion of Western humanity in the search for material wealth, where money and profit turned into deities in the Western mind, distancing it from the reality of the spirit world, where it came from, and where it will have to return.
The United States plays the materialistic imperialist role in the 20th century.

3 – The dominant religions in the Western world, Catholicism, Lutheran Protestantism and Calvinist (Evangelical Churches), are all originating from the Council of Nicaea (Year 325 A.D.), released by the Roman emperor Constantine I, who by political and economic decision withdrew knowledge about relevant aspects of human life, such as: – reincarnation as a law of nature, divine, which naturally leads the person to wonder where he comes from and where he goes , what is the purpose of life on earth and other relevant philosophical questions that guide the person naturally in the "search for truth", which frees, according to Master Jesus and a growing expansion of consciousness.

4 – The lack of self-knowledge of oneself, as an integral human being, holistic, multidimensional, with soul and spirit that blow a vital energy, divine, cosmic, into a physical, temporary body that already begins to die from the first breath.

5 – This reductionism of the holistic being to a mere biological, physical machine of independent parts, gave rise to a medicine, allopathic, materialistic, based on pharmaceutical drugs that attack the symptoms, without worrying about the previous causes that generated that effect, being these causes often of psychic origin.
Allopathic (conventional) medicine began in the United States in 1911, with the "Flexner Report", funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, a Zionist group, giving rise to the 2nd largest business on the planet, "the disease industry", which only loses to the war industry, to exterminate people, in industrial terms.
Although not accounted for, the drug trafficking industry is considered the largest business on the planet. 
Of course there is the value of allopathic practice for many conditions of diseases, accidents and other emergency situations, but what is observed in reality is the chronic use of medicines, in many cases even deflesh, without the person or doctor being in the causes that generate that disease, environmental, behavioral, emotional and mental.

6 – The search for the pleasure of the senses and the distraction: – The Perspective of a single material life, leads the person naturally to an immediacy of pleasure, through physical senses, distraction and entertainment as the purpose of life, which leads the person to legal drugs, such as cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and, recently, marijuana, for recreational use in Canada , Uruguay and some states of the United States.
We can include refined sugar here, used in soft drinks and other addictive products. Also sex by sex, without a relationship of love or affinity, transforming into a banal entertainment, where the sacred was transformed into something futile, mundane, paving the way for sexual anomalies, with harmful consequences for the human being, affecting not only this incarnation, but beyond, as a consequence of the law of karma.

7 – Existential emptiness: – Despite all facets of the world of matter, in a true wheel-alive, without introspection, prayer or meditation, which leads the person to his silent, sacred, transcendent space, the drug arises with a strong appeal, because usually the drug takes the person from the world from the 5 physical senses, in an illusory way, which "transcends" the reality of matter , usually leading the person to states to the astral plane, or to mere hallucinations disconnected from reality, which functions as a trap that imprisons the person in mental and emotional states that destructure the integrity of the human being.

8 – Influence of the Age of Aquarius and the New Race Indigo: -This seems like a paradox, but, let us understand these reasons.
  • Since the 1980s, increasingly, it has been embodying a new race, called indigo, with a higher level of consciousness, in resonance with the new cosmic energies that arrive on the planet in the constellation of Pleiades, where transcendence, spiritual search, the purpose of life are powerful vectors that move these people, making them easier prey in this early phase of planetary transition (2017) , where the forces of duality are still very much at work. This energetic miscomling between people who should be vibrating in these higher vibrations, generate a disconnection and create an existential emptiness, as of something fundamental, but that is missing.. And feeling an internal "call" for transcendence, which is not yet available in its reality, despite all the spiritual help it receives from the subtlest levels, with the easy availability of illicit drugs, which all lead to "other states", in addition to matter, infra-mental, reduction of consciousness, often end up acting as an escape valve and a trap at the same time. It is necessary that families and authorities seek a new approach to this planetary epidemic, through clarification and education, because the arrest of those involved often turns the user into a trained drug dealer inside prisons. This drama, which surrounds everyone, is one of the biggest challenges that presents itself in this early 21st century.
  • (Russia,27-02-2017)

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