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The Western man has lost his sense of mission in life, or rather, he has forgotten that he has a purpose in life, or rather, made it happen. He was created or cultivated to be what is happening now: without mission, lost on the way, in fact, does not even know that he has a path, and goes walking inexorably to death that terrifies him. For him life does not have a superior, divine purpose but just an object with purchasing power, manipulated daily by the media, in a regime of mental slavery, materialistic and consumerist. As logically life has to make some sense, so what's left is this world of illusions that's there.
This project of construction of this matrix began about four thousand years before Christ, with the annunakis (the nefilins of the Old Testament of the Jewish-Christian Bible). This is well clarified and proven in the books of Zacheria Sithin, The 12th Planet and Genesis Revisited. The Roman emperors and all the European nobility originate from the Annunakis.They created the relationship of nobility and vassals throughout Europe. They married each other and divided power among half a dozen elected officials.Have you ever thought about the origin of this nobility? Why has the clarification of these origins never been investigated and clarified or even raised the issue? What is the origin of the chosen "blue blood"? At the time of the heyday of royalty in Europe the vassals were in physical terms, of unenlightened minds and in precarious human conditions. Most of Europe lived in hunger, disease and oppression. They were ages of dar
kness The human being ends up becoming a product of the environment where he dwells and if the conditions change slowly he will adapt to the new standards without realizing the change. It's exactly the same as with the frog in a pot on fire. If the temperature of the water in the pan goes up slowly it does not notice the change and dies cooked without leaving it. This does not happen if the temperature changes quickly: it jumps out of the situation and saves itself. The same thing happens to the human being. The conditions change slowly and he does not notice the change and accepts the situations without logic in which he is inserted. Is it logical to accept wars, usually economic motivation? Is it felt the use and encouragement of addictions that have proven to harm human health, such as cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and industrialized food with chemical additives that lead to cancer, diabetes and so many other diseases that are part of everyday life? Because of corporate profits or taxes collected by governments? But the question is, is this logical? Everything in nature has a law, a logic. We, the manipulated human beings, the vassals, or rather the slaves, get used to it, get addicted to these habits. They put it in our mind that "that's the way it is" and "you can't change it." Yes, it does! Do your part, be an example, escape the matrix, or rather be an active matrix destroyer. Don't agree to be manipulated. This is our heritage to our descendants, a legacy for future generations, an example to be followed. This is worth a life on earth. Don't forget that in a hundred years, which in cosmic terms is a blink of an eye, we'll all be on another vibrational plane, we won't be on the material plane anymore. Whether we like it or not. This applies to the nearly seven billion red-hot inhabitants on planet Earth today.
The goal of the human being to incarnate on earth is to take one more step, or steps, or initiations, in the evolutionary process of his soul, in the great journey in the universe. The earth is an excellent experimental laboratory for this process of evolution in the direction of light, of divine consciousnesses. Every human being is a divine spark, in the process of stoning. When Jesus said "you are gods," he referred to this component of our being, which is forgotten. We no longer hear the soft voice of our consciousness in the midst of today's hectic life. We're always facing out. Everything is outside of us, we blame everything that happens to us in something external, we are not responsible.
As the vibration of the earth's vital energy increases, with the climax from 12/21/2112 on, there will be a growing destabilization of people's emotional field, as there will be an immense conflict between materialistic, three-dimensional, and spiritual, multidimensional everyday life, accelerated by photon vibration.

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