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This statement is one of seven fundamental laws governing the functioning of nature according to Hermeticism, an ancient principled order and its name is attributed to "Hermes Trimesgistus", the three-time master, in Atlantis, Egypt (the god Thot) and Greece (Hermes).
The universe functions as a great divine thought, from a divine mind, from a Higher Being, from a consciousness that contains the Whole, the Unity.
This divine, universal mind would have three basic characteristics: omnipotent (absolute power), omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time) and omniscient (possesses total knowledge).
From this point of view, matter would behave like the neurons of a brain, commanded by a thinking mind of a conscious and intelligent universe.
When we think in a concentrated way we are intentionally moving the energies of the universe, because the world is mental. If you start having negative thoughts, pessimistic is this that will be manifested in your physical life. Similarly, on the contrary, actively, positively, people will be magnetically attracted, situations that are vibrating in this high frequency. This is the basic message of the various books and films about the Law of Attraction.
Jesus 2,000 years ago, using his parables, expressed this law as follows: "when you think of killing, you have killed, when you think of adulterá, you have adulterated."
In current terms, thought should be seen as an electromagnetic energy, with a vibrational frequency, and that is interacting at all times with the cosmos.

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