There are 3 philosophical questions, which do not want to shut up, need to be answered, while our cosmic soul is on its journey of evolutionary training on planet Earth, Mother Gaia. Meanwhile, we are prisoners in the wheel of incarnations.
These conceptual questions have no rational answer, but also philosophical and intuitive, as the dynamics of a river, always metamorphosing, in such a way that we never enter the same river. The same is true of our consciousness on its evolutionary journey, on the way, in such a way that whenever we do these same questions to ourselves we will give ourselves other answers, probably with more depth and wisdom, and it is in this mystery that is the grace of life, which motivates us in our search for truth and light, which brings together the understanding of unconditional Love as the cosmic master key; that opens the multidimensional portals to the Divine, cosmic and, from there, we rescue our creative power, proper to the gods, which we are, but which we had forgotten, but in the age of Aquarius that begins, we will have a new spiritual impulse in this direction, not because we will find on earth a new Jesus, the Christ or Gautama, the Buddha, but why large portions of humanity , disciples already prepared, awakened their Divine aspect, cystic or Bulgarian, by being able to maintain a good telepathic connection with their higher Self, and thus enlarge the vibration of its auric, electromagnetic field immersed in the field of humanity and the planet, which will also be enlarged.

According to Theosophy (divine wisdom), brought by Helena Blavatsky, who drank at the source of Akasha, with the help of ascended masters, in the monasteries of Tibet, human evolution occurs to the eons, from the legendary and mythological continent of Lemuria, through the evolution of the seven root races, each with seven sub-races, beginning with the first consciousnesses, in astral body , without the physical and without the separation of the genera, because they were androgynous.
We are currently in the fifth root race, fifth sub-race, at the bottom of the evolutionary well, with the dominance of the white race, Ariana, at the moment of inflection of this curve, with the arrival of the new races, indigo, crystal and others, which will take humanity and the planet, to a new evolutionary level, because they live in a symbiotic condition, because what happens in one reflects in the other. 
Therefore, we must feel a lot of honor and respect for having incarnated at such a critical moment of planetary transition which means that we have a lot of courage.

The three questions are related to our timeline, past, where I came from, present, who I am and future, where I go !

1 – Where did I come from?

Our souls came from the stars that are cosmic deities, and here they were "sown", as it also occurred in other kingdoms, to experience an evolutionary journey in a condition of choice, of free will, proper to a situation of duality, between the extremes, darkness and light evolving by the action and reaction of the law of karma, over hundreds, thousands of incarnations, which purifies the soul, each at its own pace, until learning to live in the light of Divine unity, purifying emotional field/body and the clarity of the mental field. The official history of humanity is actually a story, which quotes a few thousand years, taking into account only its physical, anthropological aspect.

The Cherokee tradition (native redskins of North America) brings an ancestral wisdom of over 100,000 years on Earth, and the Sumerian Tablites, decoded by Zecharias Sitchin, brings a lineage of Reis Annunakis of more than 400,000 years. Some people can know your stellar origin, but this is not relevant, because what matters is how you live and act in the present, a Divine gift.

We are every day, the result of this incarnation, mixed with the emotional and mental energies of all our incarnations or past experiences.
If you have unexplained fears or traumas that do not relate to this present experience, it is a sign that it comes from past experiences, and that there are several ways to release these negative contents, such as :hypnotherapy, memory regression made by doctors, psychologists and therapists, in some shamanic rituals, or with the use of the sacrament of tea Ayahuasca, or via dreams, which need to be well-coded , according to the symbology and archetypes of the dreamer. 

For the person who is "committed" to his spiritual evolution, it is recommended to purify the auric field, releasing these energies that block a vibrational increase to the level of the higher I.
I would like to emphasize the "commitment", because almost all people, are in the spiritual search, but only in a superficial, exoteric way, through literature, participation in seminars or following a "guru", but intellectually, without taking responsibility for the very evolution of consciousness, transforming into a mystic, and not in the superficial esoteric, which is only in the external appearance, but which is also right because it's an evolutionary journey. This question refers to the past and having the knowledge of some incarnations even if they are few flashes, behind a feeling of power and liberation from the fear of physical death, which we all have to face, sooner or later

2 – Who am I?

Of the questions, this is the most important to refer to the present moment and also the most difficult to be made, first considering the level of mental conditioning, family, social, cultural, religious, of various belief systems, in a true collective hypnosis that leaves people in the state of anesthesia, falling asleep, in a dream, called "normality", a "normosis", the disease of being normal. If the person lives within a common standard, accepted by all as the "reality", it becomes very difficult to ask a question of the type "out of the box", without running the risk of being considered a psychotic or schizophrenic, using standardized medical terminologies.

The second relevant aspect to ask, or not, this question is in relation to where the person fits into a pyramid of Maslow (physiology, security, social or search for the inner self, self-knowledge), because if it is at the base, in the struggle for physical survival, under the control of the ego-personality, this issue will hardly surface from within, becoming likely at the highest level of "self-knowledge".
But the good news is that in this age of Aquarius, there is a perfect combination of two factors: the energy of Alcione (Pleiades) and Uranus, in our solar system, bringing a high level of transcendent questioning and the new humanity being "sown", there are old souls, the present "indigos", and the future "crystals", who already bring printed in their bodies/emotional and mental fields, records, informational, latent of other incarnations, which manifest themselves in an accelerated way, in this and the next generations. As they are fields, within fields, from the individual, auric, to the cosmic, proper of the hologram, everything that happens at one point, interferes in another and vice versa, because "what is on top is as below", and vice versa.

Third, while we do not make this supplication "Who am I?", we are restricted in the world of the ego, in the free will of the world of duality, but, in doing so, it works, as the intention or "knock on the door" or "seek and find" from the parables of Jesus, which triggers the higher Self, our inner master, who does not interfere in our merely mundane questions, and from there begin to emerge the intuitions , inspirations, synchronicities and a whole series of events in our lives, for the paths that lead us to the Divine world are infinite. Along with this question, another question usually comes up: "What is my mission?", the purpose of life!
At the present moment, we are being governed by two forces, one from the past, which is synthesis manifested in the now, with our mental patterns, attitudes, skills that define who we are, but at the same time arises an "internal tension", emotional and mental, which propels us to evolution, to the future.

It is igneous "friction", it is fundamental to remove us from the comfort zone that our ego loves, for an adventure of the evolutionary journey, which will bring in its bulge the internal changes not always pleasurable, usually with suffering and fear, because we are walking, alone, even when we have the fundamental support of people connected to us, and to our spiritual guides, this journey , full of tests and trials that strengthen our courage and our spiritual fiber, nourishes our faith and confidence in the divine forces that always support us.

And, another important factor that leads us to this question, is the finitude of our physical life, which becomes more evident psychically and physically from the fifth sethenium, 35 years, when it reaches conceptually half of physical life, and that leads us to, of course the third question: where do I go?

3 – Where do I go?

Although we all know that we will start from this state of consciousness, few reflect on such a relevant issue, or out of ignorance or fear of not wanting to face this reality without proper preparation, and when we prepare in some way, it brings profound contributions to the present life, with a new look at the challenges and priorities of life, making us have a new and more appropriate approach to our life , with more tolerance, patience, simplicity, wisdom and loveliness, and other positive attitudes, which save our Vital energy, which prolongs life and health.

Another important factor is to remember past experiences and moments of transition, because we already live and die, many and many times, so we all remember or not, are professionals and specialists in the art of dying.

The important thing when we psychologically address this issue is that it brings a very positive effect on the present, which is to awaken the feeling of gratitude, for everything we already have in life, including the simple ones, which usually go unnoticed. We also combine with greater purpose and with the manifestation of the mission, in the present incarnation, which usually returns, at the highest level in the next incarnation if kept in the same cosmic radius of service.

The fundamental thing is that all our wisdom accumulated in numbers and experiences, is not lost with the transition, the death of the physical body, because the information is stored in records of the mental magnetic field, supraphysical.

In conclusion, all these questions come concurrent to our mind, creating a synergy of energetic dynamics that elevates our vibration towards the higher Self, and from there begin to flow the answers of our inner being, through institutions and other superior, transcendent supramental processes, which unveils a new horizon that broadens the perceptions that accesses a new divine reality.
Reiterating, once again, the current cosmic moment is the most favorable in many thousands of years.
(Russia, 22-06-2017)

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