"The dark night of the soul" or the "Darkness of the soul" is an expression used in the mystical environment, as an important and difficult stage, in the search for truth and the expansion of consciousness, which can lead to spiritual awakening, cosmic consciousness.
Usually, at the beginning of the journey or spiritual path the person receives a "Divine gift", to have a "flash" of the spiritual world, which generates a transformational change in the consciousness of the person, usually with the help of his spiritual guides who create an adequate vibrational condition, as a response to the disciple's intuition, groping in the search for the Light.
For this "flash" to happen, the person receives purifications from his emotional and mental fields while being deployed in the state of sleep, with his permission at that level, perhaps without the perception in the waking state. 
Similar to the preparation of an athlete for participation in an Olympics, light, in this case, he is being progressively trained in increasingly challenging events, developing his fibers and endurances, and requiring a high commitment, effort and dedication to achieve the proposed goal.

In this spiritual marathon, the athlete of Light needs to elevate his magnetic condition from a state of dual consciousness, wakefulness and sleep, to connect and access his higher Self in the state of cosmic unity that begins in the fifth dimension.
In this process, the purification of the soul, mainly the release of residual emotional traumas and other experiences and especially the purification of the carmic "debts" of various incarnations, usually by the purifying fire of pain and suffering, at the level of the soul, and sometimes through physical diseases.
During this preparation the person receives much help and guidance during sleep, but as it evolves, there is a re-connection between the fields of the pineal gland (corony chakra that connects to the upper I) via the right hemisphere, and the pituitary gland (frontal chakra and left hemisphere) restoring the "missing link" or antahkarana, thus allowing an informational flow of the I superior to the waking state , with intuition, inspiration, creativity and other superior functions of human consciousness.

It is common to occur a break with the established standards,the protocols accepted in the world of "normality", logical, known to all, which often reflects in family and social relationships, who can not understand the transformation and change that is taking place with the person, who has changed their aspirations and motivations mundane and practical, to something more subtle. When this occurs, a higher level of understanding, tolerance, and patience is recommended, as these virtues are part of learning and training.

Even if the person has other members, as he is also aware in other dimensions, this is a solitary, individual journey, with paths never traveled, after the journey is personal and non-transferable as life itself.
In the midst of this internal conflict, on the boundary between order and chaos, on the edge of the precipice, a state of great suffering, doubt, fear and a feeling that
was "abandoned", and has no one to turn to, as if he were a castaway, alone, in a raging sea, with no hope or land in sight. 
Although there is a sense of abandonment, there is always spiritual help at the level of the soul, but the big question is that at this level, what matters is the evolution of the soul, " immorrhable", and not necessarily of the physical body.
Although this whole process takes place under the guidance of the higher I, it is important that we always have our feet on the ground, literally anchored to the earth, realizing that the sky (the atmosphere) begins at the level of your feet, and this is beautifully symbolized in the letter of the Tarot Wizard, who has his feet on the ground, near the water and his head in the sky.

In conclusion, it is important to respect the rhythm, and the limit of each one, listening to the higher I, knowing that it is always being assisted and usually when it is already on the eve of "drowning", comes the saving hands, and after this dark night always comes the illuminated dawn of a new day. Although without knowing the reason, there is already evidence that after these strong catharsis, of the borderline situation, there is an awakening of consciousness, by accessing the supramental levels, which are vibrating magnetic fields and higher dimension.

Good reflection and journey!

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