Eduardo Chianca (28/03/2020)
Without going into more detail sands of the pandemic of corona Virus, which is receiving a storm of information of all kinds, leaving people in a great state of insecurity is doubts, which affects the physical body, hence the importance of social, physical and quarantine distancing.
But beyond this, there is the emotional pandemic, which occurs in a dimension above the three-dimensional physics, for the next to the fourth dimension, emotional. In this dimension, protection is not physical, but the person must protect himself mentally, with faith, hope and patience, without letting himself be contaminated by the tsunami of negative information, which bring fear, insecurity and dread, overthrowing the immune system, anchored in the thymus gland, weakening the body's natural defenses and collapsing the vital energy, which guarantees our life with health.
Note, by science, that the people most affected percentagely are people who have low level of vital energy, that is, the elderly and people with pre-existing, chronic diseases.
So enjoy your compulsory quarantine in a voluntary "spiritual retreat," diverting your attention to positive things like good books, movies, etc.
I would like to point out here other aspects that are hidden go unnoticed by most people, because they do not yet have a holistic or systemic view of the reality in which we are inserted in this planet, in a phase of energy transition from the Pisces era to that of Aquarius.
1-Not yet identified by human science, but this virus has been "awakened" by the cosmic energies in force and has a fundamental role of protecting the planet Earth, mother Gaia, who has been "abused" mainly by the economic, financial, political and military elite that dominates its humanity, the 1% that owns 50% of the gross domestic product of the planet. Note that it, unlike previous epidemic viruses, it mainly affected animals, pigs, birds, etc., this, in turn, has a very clear human destiny affecting, so far the richest countries materially, unlike Ebola that has mainly affected the poor of Africa.  
2-There is also the residual collective carmic issue that still affects the emotional fields of some countries, which need to be purified collectively. From this perspective, we can identify the negative patterns of the Roman Empire and the Vatican, today centered on Italy, the barbarities made in Spain, where it had the greatest slaughter by the "Holy Inquisition" in the name of God, and by the fascist dictatorship of General Franco, with the Spanish civil war. Therefore, within this logic of divine laws, the next countries to be purged, must be the British kingdom, England that has promoted immense recent barbarities, and also the United States of America, mainly by the extermination of native red skins and slavery. The United States is the current empire and the main source of materialism, which is dominated by the hidden government, the 1%, the big investors, the owners of capital and dominators of the planet.
3-There are several other factors, but the important thing is to realize the essence: whether we know it or not, we are part of it and we live in a holographic, multidimensional, interconnected system, which always tends to balance based on the theory of complexity and other theories still in development, and when it approaches the point of chaos, on the crest of the cliff, the system undergoes a transformation of catastrophic proportions with the purpose of reaching a new homeostatic point , dynamic equilibrium, on a higher vibrational level. The white race, dominant and sunk in the well of materialism has forgotten these basic principles, that what we do the Mother earth, the "Pachamama", according to the Inca people, it makes us humans, who have free will, between good and evil. Thus, planet Earth, a living consciousness, needs to react, with its infinite powers and possibilities to reestablish holistic balance and help humanity expand its consciousness.
I would like to conclude with the following Sufi tale (the mystical doctrine of Islam), which is circulating on social media, to illustrate what is happening and negatively affecting the present humanity: collective, unconscious fear, originated in the powerful egoras or emotional fields of fear.
"A thousand years ago, he was on his way to Baghdad when he met Nasrudin, a wise man.
He asked him, 'Where are you going?'
The Plague answered him:
'Baghdad, kill 10,000 people'
After a while, the Plague re-encountered Nasrudin. Very angry, the mullah said:
'You lied. You said you'd kill 10, 000 people and kill 100, 000.'
And the Plague answered:
'I didn't lie, I killed ten thousand. The rest died of fear.'
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