Eduardo Chianca (18/06/2020)We are in the mid

dle of a global pandemic, with people physically at home, in a compulsory isolation, but not mentally or spiritually, since the use of scientific instruments of connection between humans through the Internet had an exponential growth, almost following the same curve of Covid19.

When you make a macro analysis of the planetary moment, all that is happening and what is still to come are well outlined in the Book of Revelations (Revelation) of John, for we are only at the beginning of a long evolutionary process of planetary and its humanity.

In recent centuries, mainly from the industrial revolution, begun in the 19th century, humanity began to disconnect from nature and from itself, as a spiritual and energetic being that is. This is proven by a mostly right-handed humanity, which indicates a strong brain imbalance, between the intellectual intelligence of the left hemisphere and the intuitive, divine intelligence of the right hemisphere, which connects us to the spirit, to our Higher I.

It is this disconnection that generates the need to belong to a religion – which means "reconnect", but only in the name – or to belong to "spiritual groups" of expansion of consciousness; follow or be devotees of gurus, masters and others, who are all outside, often sucking their vital energy, their money and, most importantly, taking away their divine power.

It is also this disconnection that generates global psychic problems, such as depression, anxiety, sadness, anguish and an existential emptiness, which is, in reality, of the soul, disconnected from the spirit, but that the person seeks to fill by buying things, or with distractions, etc., that because they are false, and do not reach the origin or cause of the problem, they have an ephemeral, temporary effect, which forces the person to remain dependent , such as a drug addict, lawful or illicit.

What's looking at you?

We are imprisoned and victims of our external, physical gaze, which amounts to about eighty percent of the information we receive that is through the gaze, and we are held hostage to the physical, sensual senses, and we do not care for our "inner gaze", to an intuitive revealing perception of truth. As Jesus said: "… one sees, but he can't see."

Physiologically, the external gaze is associated with the brain, the head, dual, which analyzes, judges and chooses, based on the paradigms and dogmas that were imposed on it mainly during childhood, based on the tradition of family, culture, nation, religion, etc.

This polarized view is distorted by the beliefs received, which change depending on the culture, religion, nation, etc., and have nothing to do with reality, but rather with the perception of a vision, as of the myth of Plato's cave.

The internal vision comes from another brain, the heart, because it has millions of neurons, as already proven by science, in the center of the chest, which is the balance point between the three upper and lower three chakras, and the center of loveliness and spiritual connection. Notice that the heart is on the left side of the heart plexus, energized by the right hemisphere, intuitive, in connection with the Pineal gland, in the center of the head, which is the seat of the ring-ring ing chakra, and that makes the energetic bridge, the true union, with the spiritual level, the Higher I, sitting meditatively on the cosmic plane, in divine unity.

With finding your Light?

This is perhaps the greatest challenge that has the soul that comes to this planet to follow an evolutionary process, in a regime of free will, and subjected to a just and unrelenting law of action and reaction, cause and effect, or karma, over various incarnations.

The second major limiting is the loss of ancestral memory, of other incarnations, which is stored and symbolically encoded in the individualized timeline in the fourth dimension, which we access during the sleep state, because the conscious memory we record in the physical brain, even if it is holographic, only has the informational records of the waking events of this incarnation.

On the other hand, it occurs in all human beings, an internal call from consciousness to evolution, even if this can only manifest itself after various incarnations, depending on the spiritual level and the intention and will of each one.

At present planetary moment, in the Age of High Vibration Aquarius, the possibilities of this occur are immense, compared to several previous eras, in the last twelve thousand years, since the Age of Leo, when the last irradiation of the photon belt (Light) of Alcione in the Pleiades occurred.

This high energetic vibration brings a dual effect, as occurs in the phenomenon of the full moon: it helps to expand the consciousness of those who are already in a high vibration, and unbalances in the opposite case. The scientific reason for this has nothing to do with judgment of "God", but rather magnetic resonance, a law of nature, or in a popular language: "similar attracts similar" or "law of attraction", because the person is resonating according to the vibration of his heart, which feeds his brain, of the head.

In conclusion, what we observe at the planetary level at the present moment, at this beginning of the Age of Aquarius, such as wars, famine, death, political and economic crises, is part of an evolutionary process of humanity, well outlined in the book Revelation, which must come out of a state of barbarism, based on the free will of a mad humanity, forgotten of its divine purpose, to have the priv
ilege of incarnating on this wonderful planet , Mother Gaia, and, so that it can resonate with the new cosmic vibrations that are already present at an initial level, with a continuous growth, and that will produce in humanity a psychic stress as never before seen in the last 26,000 years. The next few decades or hundreds of years will be the most challenging for those with the chakras and the auric field dearmonized to this new vibrational gradient where everything is accelerated.
It is important to point out that we are usually focused on the present incarnation, "in this life", but the evolutionary journey is at the level of the soul, through various incarnations. According to the teachings of Jesus, through John in the book Revelation, it is in this age that the separation of souls will take place on this planet, under a new order of regeneration, where goodness must prevail, and, who (souls) who is not in this vibration of loveliness will be naturally attracted to the planet Absinthe/Nibiru, with low magnetic resonance, and will be taken to another later planet, where they will continue their evolutionary journey in more difficult situations, as has occurred in the past with the transfer of souls from the planet Chapel, (see the book Chapel Exiles) that was changing the level of consciousness and from there were transferred to the planet Earth, known as the Aryan race. There is a cosmic, divine justice, based on the Truth of the immutable laws of cosmic nature that manifest themselves at all levels and dimensions.

This vibrational dissonance will lead to many diseases, including cancer, labyrinthitis, heart palpitations and headaches – which will usually radiate from a focus in the right hemisphere, and which tend to generate discomfort in the left eye.

At the psychic level, there will also be fundamental philosophical questions, such as: who am I? What am I doing here? what's my purpose?

We must pay close attention to the messages that come from our body, for it has an underlying, instinctive intelligence that acts as a catalyst to activate our intuitive intelligence, which flows from the Higher I, anchored in our hearts. Hence the saying: "The heart has reasons that reason itself does not know" (Pascal).

So keep in mind that your journey is lonely and honor your Intuition – which is divine – because intellectual knowledge only has the arrows insignia of the path to be followed, such as a trail map, but the walk is yours in an individual way.

Good Journey!!!

To keep in balance, here are some tips:1-

Try to feed your heart with love, which is the most harmonized (rosy) vibration on this planet, without criticism or judgment son of others and especially yourself. The practice of loveness leads a person to a state of deep connection to the Higher Self, commonly called "unconditional love", but which in reality is a state of cosmic consciousness.2

– Learn to live in the Present! In the here and now, because this is the only reality that actually exists, because the past and the future are only mental processes of the human race. The past is a memory and the future is a quantum possibility, which can occur everything and "including nothing", as popular wisdom says

.3- Learn to live in Gratitude! Regardless of the external situation you are experiencing. Thank you for being alive, breathing, walking, etc. If this does not seem sufficient to be grateful to you, immerse yourself in a children's cancer hospital (as I have already done) or other places where sadness and suffering predominat

e.4- Look for silence: mental, verbal and emotional!It is only in silence and peace that we can hear the subtle voice of consciousness, which comes through intuition, flowing from the spirit, the Higher Self. Being silent, present, even in the crowd, is tantamount to a meditative proces

s.5- Let go! Attachment imprisons the soul in matter, situations and relationships, in all that is transient. To achieve this is necessary a mind without desires or internal conflicts, which consume our vital energ

y.6- Sleep a lot! During sleep there is a change in brain frequency, from Beta (in the waking state), to Alpha (relaxation), then to Theta (light sleep), and to Delta (deep sleep), and there is a decoupling of the auric field (the soul) that enters the astral field, the fourth dimension, and opens an immense possibility of access to other levels of the astral plane, where you access your memories of other incarnations , allowing the help of their spiritual guides, as well as opens the possibility to other dimensions of consciousness already in a plane of Divine Unity, with access to the help of beings of Light.

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