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In Portuguese the word wisdom originates from the Latin "sapere" which has a double connotation and means "to know" and "taste", which is original from the ancient Greek "sophos/sophia"., hence the word theosophy meaning divine wisdom. In the esoteric medium it is also called Light.
In the most intellectualized modern humanity, there is some confusion between being possessed of knowledge in its main areas, which are covered by the thousands of professions, which require specialized, intellectual, cognitive knowledge, with wisdom.
Few people realize that knowledge and intellectual information are not their own, that she "savored" by her own experience, but it is second-hand, that came from other people, be it scientific, philosophical, etc., so the person turns into a "parrot" that repeats the theory of others. This has only one value at the level of the ego-personality, transient, not of the immortal soul. This intellectual knowledge is processed and stored in the left cerebral hemisphere, which is demonstrated by a mostly right-handed humanity. The dominant educational process in the Western world privileges only the cognitive side of the human being, with honorable exceptions such as the Waldorf schools of origin in the anthroposophy Steiniana and Pestalozzi, which also work the creative and intuitive aspect in the right hemisphere.
Intellectual knowledge tends to be only theoretical, which often inflates the ego, and moves the person away from the spiritual, evolutionary journey, which must be the path to be trodden by all souls who come to this planet to experience an empirical experience in the world of matter, in a regime of free will and subjected to the law of karma, action and reaction , planting and the corresponding harvest.
Thus, in an intermediate phase of the journey, as a means, intellectual development has its inestimable value, because it allows to expand mental capacity beyond the barriers and paradigms that have been established by other people or organizations, especially religious ones, structured globally as their belief systems and millennial dogmas that are perpetuated to the present day with a hidden power , underlying, because it is stored in "unconscious memory", based on symbols and archetypes, which are accessed only during the sleep period, and which are rarely decoded through dreams.
On the other hand, the wisdom that is savored, felt, does not have its source in third parties, but rather in an informational influx that comes from the supramental, spiritual, higher level, as you want to call, in an intuitive way, as a new revelation of a supramental field, that the person tunes through a higher resonance.
This wisdom or this Light, of higher origin flows like a magnetic ray that is captured by the vortex at the top of the head (ring chakra) and anchored in the pineal gland, which is in resonance with the intuitive right hemisphere, which is an informational magnetic field, underlying, and stands there floating like a cloud, waiting for the appropriate moment of intellectual relaxation, calming the mind , when you lower the brain frequency to Alpha and Theta, creating the transfer or download of the file that was stored "in the clouds", as is the case on the Internet.
For this reason, intuitions, brilliant ideas, insights and creativity occur only in moments of relaxation, such as meditation, walking, waking up, bathing, etc.
Remembering, this wisdom is yours, firsthand, as a divine message that originates in its spiritual aspect, the Higher I and therefore must be honored and respected.
Many people wonder: how do I know that this is a true intuition, coming from the plane of cosmic unity, from a higher mind, and not a "creation of my mind", in a state of duality?
Wisdom is an individual and non-transferable, conceptual process that has to do with accessing the informationfields, known as etheric plane or "Akasha", in Sanskrit, which we can compare to "cosmic Google", a database of divine nature, where only truth exists. This database was called "Noosphere" (mind of the sphere) by the philosopher Pierre Theilard de Chardin and is the focus of study of the new science called "Noetics".
Frontier science already mentions the universe as an informational hologram or according to ancient wisdom, of hermetic principles: "the world is mental" and "what is above is like what is below."
(Books: "Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot, "Elegant Universe" by Brian Greene, among others and "Emerald Tablet" by Hermes Trimesgistus).
1-The intuitions to come from a higher level of our consciousness always come coated with a comprehensive mental clarity, beyond the limits of the ego, and with a "sense of power", because it is an experience that was acquired by "drinking at the source" of divine wisdom.
2-The first intuition usually functions as an extraordinary revelation, a gift from heaven, which has a transforming power of the person's life.
3- It is like an ecstasy or a cosmic orgasm, which awakens consciousness, activating the so-called "body of Light". (This occurs because of the rise of the serpentine fire, or Kundalini energy, through the chakras, from the basicto the coronium).
4-This process of awakening usually has the help of beings of Light of various vibrational dimensions, and are aligned with the purpose of the person's life in that particular incarnation.
5-Usually, the motivational factor in the first half of people's lives is generally focused on the intellectual, personal and professional aspect, but as you get older, having already satisfied the previous attributes of the "first mission", usually carmic, what will motivate the person are the transcendent aspects at the soul level, which will continue in the next physical existence.
6- Place the Intention, which is a way for you to "give up" your free will, and "ask for help" to your Higher Self, your true Self. Do not forget: you do not HAVE a spirit, you are one and what you HAVE is a temporary body.
Therefore, the focus should always be on the soul level.
Rest assured, that when you ask for help "or knock on the door that will always open," as Jesus said, it will occur. Have patience and persistence on your journey, keeping an eye out for the signs and timings that will occur.
7- Try to lead a simple life, in peace, living in the present with gratitude, with love in the heart and, as a first step, "purifying" and balancing the various aspects of your life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and professional.
In a conceptual way, developing intuition and living in wisdom means rescuing our ancestral knowledge, which is the experience of human experience according to the cosmic laws manifested through the divine, micro and macro nature, as demonstrated by a pure and innocent child.
The driving force that drives all mankind throughout its incarnations towards Light and loveover all kingdoms is effected by the energetic dispensation flowing from the various zodiacal constellations, in a celestial choreography that awakens the consciousness of humanity and, in a powerful and special way in the current Age of Aquarius, with gaia's consciousness reaching a new vibrational level which in a way "obliges" and drives its humanity to enter this new harmonic resonance, and this can be witnessed by the signs of imbalance both in the behavior of nature and in the very high level of diseases of the most varied categories, from physiological to psychic, which from so common and popular has turned into something "normal".
On the other hand, we observe the emergence of a new, more sensitive and intelligent humanity, known as Indigos, crystals, rainbows and other denominations, which will break the old paradigms in all areas of human activity.
Therefore, be aware of your signs, your particular "calling," remembering that the spiritual seeker's journey is always lonely, but you are never unaccompanied.
Good Reflection!!!
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