The well-known German expression "Zeitgeist" means the "spirit of the time" and these children are the spirit of the present moment. They are quietly producing immense social transformations, both within their homes and at the social and political level.
l Noticed by a few, the Indigo children are the greatest planetary event that is happening on earth and we can say that it is a divine intervention on our planet. This theme was disseminated internationally by the American speaker Lee Carrol, through the book entitled "Indigo Children" , from the issues raised during his presentations around the planet, which was emerging in all countries a new category of children of peculiar characteristics and different from the previous generations known. They are very intelligent, hyper-active, sensitive, questioning and very sure of themselves, despite their young age. It seems that they were born knowing what their important role is on this changing planet. The indigo name refers to the color of your aura. These children began to be born slowly from the 1950s and from the early 1980s were already more than eighty percent of all children born on the planet. In China a genetic analysis was done and it was observed that they have more DNA bindings than the previous population. It is a new event not yet understood by traditional medical science, although there are many reasons of "mystical ord

OBAMAPerhaps, one of the best indicators of the paradigm shift we are experiencing in this planetary transition is the rise of the young and unknown Senator Barack Hussein Obama, still running for president of the United States while this book is being written. He is a black Hawaiian, raised in Indonesia, the son of a white woman from the Midwest of the United States, with a Kenyan Muslim family, baptized as an adult by a radical pastor and graduated from Harvard University. He has the exact opposite profile of the politician that has existed so far: white, traditional family, originating from the wealthiest states and graduateed at Yale University. The electorate of these ancient politicians is due to: skin color, sex, state of origin and religion.
What's happening now with the "Obama case"?
Your constituency comes from all walks of life, all religions, all genders, every region of the country. The differential is the age group. It is being chosen by young people, called the Millennials, who are people born between 1980 and 1995 and account for 80 million, nearly a third of the U.S. population, of which two-thirds can vote, according to Morley Winograd, author of the newly released "Millennial Makeover-MySpace, Youtube,and the Future of American Politics."
For this contingent, there is no longer a traditional figure of the typical American, and the issues that reign so far have become secondary.
At this end of the planetary cycle, the United States represents the Roman empire of the time of Jesus 2,000 years ago: bellicose, arrogant, arrogant, manipulative and decadent, both economically and morally, when it attacked Iraq on the pretext of protecting the world from weapons of mass destruction, which never existed, when in reality it wanted to get hold of Iraqi oil to feed its obsolete and polluting automobile fleet on the planet , the failed lifestyle, based on materialism and superfluous consumerism, as well as other deplorable political issues.

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