These callings can be seen as a form of God, the absolute cosmic energy, of communicating in a public and comprehensive way for all mankind. This always happens, individually, in the silence of the consciousness of every human being, where transformations take place silently, such as a conspiracy, where humanity will be metamorphosing in a seemingly random way, without an apparent call, a visible orientation.
Each galactic year, a period of 26,000 years, the earth crosses twice the photon belt. The next entry, according to mayan weather scientists, will be soon on 12/21/2012. This is a perfectly predictable cosmic event such as the dates of the seasons in the northern hemisphere, with the corresponding climatic consequences. This currently causes no surprise why the event is within the life period of the human being, and is public knowledge. Governments, not religions, or any other organization need to keep warning the population to go preparing for the new station that is coming. Although it is done, indirectly, through media and marketing, as the fashion launches for winter, for example.
In a very simplified, elementary way, we would say that God leaves humanity at ease, being governed only by his free will, in his very short journey in his three-dimensional vehicle, the physical body, on the surface of the planet, always connected and fed through an umbilical physical cord, initially to the biological mother himself during the period of manufacture of the physical vehicle itself , during the process of pregnancy and immediately after birth, when it enters the great womb of the mother earth, Gaia, through breathing, from the first moment of life to the last, on the return. Analyzing humanity in this way, we could say, that humanity – the fetuses in the womb of the mother – are at war always at war fratricidal, (or fraticida?) , killing his own siblings still in his mother's womb. This is how humanity has behaved in the last millennia.
Of the three great callings, one we can call a divine cosmic intervention, a change of course. The other two are normal planetary events, just like the coming of spring.

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