FRATERNITY"What's down is like what's on top, what's on top is like what's down." The caibalion. Hermes trismesgist

oThe renowned physicist David Bohm, in his book "Totality and the Implied Order- A new perception of reality, tries to demonstrate that there is a world, a hidden order, implied, as opposed to the explained, explained, that conventional science treats.

For me, this book is not about esotterism or science fiction.
It is, first of all, a survival manual for the times that are already arrived. The big question is that we are living in a time of planetary transition, as occurs periodically on earth and perhaps throughout the Universe.In scientific terms our humanity is just crawling even in material terms and we have no reliable data on what happened on our planet in the last ten thousand years, for example, that in terms of planetary times this was yesterday. In our current science, which applies only to the visible world, material, what is invisible, is esotterism, does not exist. As, unfortunately humanity does not think, is completely conditioned to what comes out in the media, or by the belief systems, does not seek to see the hidden.
In practical terms, today we know the influence of our emotions and thoughts on physical health. Until a few years ago traditional allopathic medicine did not take this into consideration. Currently, the psychological influence on our health is already clear. Now, emotions and thoughts, they are not physical, measurable, they are just an invisible energy, subtly perceable. Where are these energies, emotions and thoughts lodged in every human being? Where do our tendencies, talents, phobias, sympathies and dislikes come from, which are part of our personality? Where is faith in God, or more recently, how is the denial of God's existence becoming fashionable? Is it clear that Buddha, Jesus, St. Francis of Assisi and so many other avatars who came to earth in times past did not end their mission, for it seems that they have failed to do so in the reigning chaos today, where evil is being trivialized and accepted in a natural way by humanity, as normal?
It exists in the etheric plane, in other vibrational dimensions, not yet identified by our materialistic science, but perceived by the most sensitive people, either during the sleep process, or through intuition and other more elaborate senses, in addition to the physical senses of all humanity. This spiritual hierarchy has been very active since 1987, as the vibration of vital energy on earth increases, as millions of people connected, via intuition, with this cosmic hierarchy, usually called Lightworkers.
In the Western world, holistic therapies, which are already millennial in the Eastern world, have begun to emerge only from the 1980s, with rare exceptions now scientifically accepted as valid forms of health treatment, such as acupuncture and homeopathy, which are even medical specialties today, although before that, they were considered as curandeirism, without traditional scientific confirmation.
The same is the case, with the therapy of Bach's florals, which were "discovered" by the English physician, Dr. Edward Bach, in the 30s of the last century. In his only book, "The Curate yourself, he mentions the Great White Fraternity, as well as in the book, Vibrational Medicine, the physician Richard Gerber in his dedication, thanks "the cosmic hierarchies that silently work for the evolution of humanity. In addition we have holistic therapies, type Brightness Frequencies, which was channeled by Pleiadian spirits, channeled by Australian Christine Day, with clients all over the planet, and EMF (electro magnetic field) Balancing Tecnique (Technique of Balancing the electromagnetic field), channeled by Peghy Phoenix Burgo (?), who thanks the 3 spiritual friends who channeled this technique through it, quantum healing, and so many other valid therapies , with cancer cure and so many other diseases said incurable by traditional chemical medicine. More and more there has been talk of ascended masters, masters of the seven rays, techniques of expansion of consciousness. After all, what is happening in this beginning of the new millennium?
There is a cosmic order, invisible, spiritually, inhabiting the earth in parallel worlds, in other vibrations. At the time of the ancient prophets these consciences communicated directly, the gods communicated with the prophets, with men.
. What happened that this communication was lost? Simply, man has separated himself from God and his greatest manifestation, nature in its entirety. This separativity is the primary cause of all the problems that humanity has suffered over the centuries.
The main manifestation of the great spiritual hierarchy, with effective actions in humanity in this age of transition is through the births of the Indigo children.

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